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Today's is the bill simmons podcast on the rare podcast network brought to you by ziprecruiter what if a qbe completed eighty percent of his passes what if a point guard had eighty percent behind the arc trillion did that for about three weeks and then he went on a slip well when you're hiring you can play at that level because eighty percent of the employers post jobs on ziprecruiter get a qualified candidate through the site in just one day their powerful technology distributes your job to over one hundred of the webs leading job boards and identifies the right people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job my listeners can try it for free at ziprecruitercom b s meanwhile seatgeek is the best app for buying and selling tickets to sporting events concerts and more and this is a nice time to buy tickets for stuff yet twenty dollars off your first seatgeek purchase on any game or sporting event for mba nhl baseball whatever anything you know what to do just use promo code be s download the seekie gappor go right to seek dot com today we launched a new podcast on the ringer pakistan work it is called the recap ables season one of atlanta was broken down by amended lavigne's mega peters and allison herman from the ringer it's a very good pod they give out some awards for season one more importantly season to thursday night on fx and if you love atlanta and you should i thought it was the best show last year.

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