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The illustrious captain of a ship fools Keith grieve joined by the usual cast of characters. Steve taylor pete melia mike burke and mr james klein well thank you for less than listening to last week show which is called. Thanks mike yeah right. She's like we are. We're totally intended to have a new episode. But then somebody's work schedule got in the way and then You know and then they got to blame. Wwe then well then yeah and then my daughter's dance studio for just totally nixing. The backup data. That's right because i forgot about dance. Looks like he's a government witness now in these podcasts. Because i am all that's left is voice. Changing app author was awarded. You wouldn't changes voice for that. He would gladly admitted all right. So if you're listening to this demanding it'd be watching the stream live. You can take part in the show by calling four zero three four two five eight five nine four eight four zero three four to if you're listening to this on demand and have something you want to add to the conversation we may entered into because we have no fucking idea what we're really going to be talking about in these frozen again but we have james elio man. Oh mike you're late to the party so jamie got a new work laptop that he's using and it's shit so as our look at freezes all. The time isn't isn't a new computer. Theoretically my wife my wife. That's what they always say nice suckers. I'm hearing all kinds of things in your. I'm hearing like ghosts in the machine by cusp. It's not all jamie's badge jamie back. Mike cliffs love pussy. Okay as they should ask all right so we were. We settled on kind of settled on a topic. More like somebody dropped it in a group chat and nobody's said no so we're gonna talk about funniest means or or whatever But first let's do the drive the week jamie. Do you remember what it was. We settled on this weeks ago. Do you remember what the drive the weekends was on that. I'm gonna hand over the reins to keith on a very good ones. So something tells me he doesn't have cute. It's all it's all cued up. I'm going to try to share my screen. So let's see if this crashes everything here This movie is one of those events. Fucking trunk this is one of those movies that may not be the most technically perfect movies. But it's one of my favorites for variety of reasons. It's nineteen ninety things to do in denver. When you're dead. Star shit starring garcia this particular portland outburst. Yes yes pretty hartland out but this particular drive is from treat williams whose character critical bill is a little on the fucking looney side and make a long story. Short sleeves with shemi is an assassin sent to kill williams and treat. Williams has a surprise so this scene where catches up with him Trigger treat williams.

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