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Fin the city to changes the world francisco clinton has the next generation of kco is among the things the new apple watch they'll be able to do save your life now apple watch will notify you when it detects and elevated heart rate and you don't appear to be active jeff williams is a see all of apple who says the watch will be able to link up with your cellular carrier other big announcements include the i fawn eight and the iphone acts which has an edge to edge display and facial recognition it'll set you back a thousand bucks once they go on sale next month the i fawn has been known for distractions along with other devices and now a county leader in the bay area once california to find people for being distracted while walking there's already such a law in hawaii you were if you're caught walking across the street looking at your phone you can get a ticket san mateo county supervisor david can epa is asking the board to pass a resolution urging state lawmakers the band distracted walk in some agree it's a good idea others say just because it's dangerous doesn't mean it should be outlawed you're not going to have any crudely venture cafe a quarter of all fatal accidents in california involved pedestrians jim rupe says the first offence in hawaii will cost jeff 35 box the effort to honor the leave robin williams and golden gate park has crossed another hurdle comedians debbie and will durst are leading the charge to rename sharon meadow after williams it's where they put on the comedy day every year these san francisco recreation park department is the latest to give it a thumbs up final decision is up to the recreation and part commission what are the bay area's tallest mountains is finally opening up to the public after being off limits for decades it's thirty five hundred foot mount i'm on site of a former airforce base during the cold war the land in south san jose was purchased and cleaned up by the mid pendants salah open space district general manager steve aboard says it was worth the money and the weight hit new on a clear day stretches from yosemite it away country over to the pacific ocean a tamil quiet in that area so it very dramatic in it's a different look at our region entirely different perspective more says a new road to.

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