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So everything's now is about getting additional search teams into place getting the pre position stocks which are in country to the location where they're needed and making sure that being done in a coordinated effort in a sign of waning support for President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a senior official in Algeria's ruling party said the party lends it absolute support to the demand. Hands and sovereignty of the people president Bhutto fica has been forced to abandon his bid for a fifth term in office by months of mass protests Nordic countries have headed this year's u n table the world's happiest countries with Finland coming top for the second year running New Zealand and Canada with the only two non western European countries in the top ten south Sudan mired in years of civil unrest. Took the bottom spot despite Brexit, Juarez Britain climbed four places to fifteenth BBC news. Retool Martinez group Wednesday, March twenty seven eight PM Wisconsin union theater hill by NPR's, both cosmopolitan entertainer authentic folklorist Cuban percussionist, rumba efficient. Puerto Rico Martinez finds links between the old and the new born and raised in Havana Martinez came of age surrounded by the troves rumba musician populating the city streets. It was participating in these informal street jail. Sessions were Martinez developed his electrifying and unpredictable plain style, which is what him admiration from contemporary jazz artists like Wynton Marcellus to classic rock icons like Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and Paul Simon. But Rita Martinez Wednesday, March twenty seven the other Wisconsin union theater. You're listening to the RT eighty nine point nine FM Madison listener supported radio. Six. Good afternoon and welcome to the Wednesday edition of a public affair. My name is Shelly Pittman, and I'm Mira substitute host for today's show. Thanks for joining me. I'm.

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