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North of sixty third with sell this accident all lanes blocked off a US two thirty one E. county line road in the lake Porter county area and about the BGN traffic central the forecast from the perma seal weather center windy warm and humid today showers and thunderstorms likely highs in the low nineties with winds gusting up to forty five miles an hour showers and storms continue tonight with a low near seventy and then a forty percent chance of rain tomorrow a cooler still windy high near eighty we're at ninety degrees right now doe here midway eighty nine it is eighty seven degrees at Chicago's lakefront let me correct that your word eighty seven right now doe here I was looking at the T. H. I. so it feels like it's ninety but it's really only way you're basically going holy cow seven wow I thought we got the ninety pretty quickly there in the news this morning thirty three year old Lovell park is in court today on charges he shot a Chicago police officer during a domestic disturbance yesterday morning he is charged with attempted murder the bullet hit the officer's vest the funeral for Lloyd George Floyd is getting underway in Houston this is the last of several services for Floyd he died on Memorial Day after a police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes during an arrest in Minneapolis and Chicago film office will begin issuing permits to casting crews of ten people or fewer starting next week another sign until we're opening up the Tribune says the productions must follow guidelines that include cleaning sets hourly and deep cleaning them every night your money on WGN the markets are mixed the Dow down two hundred thirty three points the nasdaq up thirty two and the S. and P. five hundred down twenty two I'm Steve Burr trend on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN thank you Steve Burton we're talking to ginger Creighton and we're talking about places to take a vacation with your family it's going to be different she said this year than it was last and maybe then it will be next.

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