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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Good Monday morning. A potent a winter storm moving into Colorado will definitely bring snow to the high country today. Winter weather advisory starts at three pm for the mountains. Plan on winter driving conditions up there for most of the day. We're gonna be dry here. Lower elevations high temperature today fifty three we'll start a rain snow mix this evening, and then all snow by late tonight with a low of twenty two degrees for most of us around metro Denver. We'll see nothing more than two to four inches of accumulation higher amounts possible down. The Palmer divide 'em near blizzard conditions possible out along I seventy east of town because the snow and wind tomorrow, really chilly day windy days. Well, highly thirty four back to sunshine on Wednesday with a high of forty seven from CBS four master out Syria on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM and temperature now up to thirty five degrees in the tech center. Mostly sunny now on Colorado's morning news at change in the weather on tap for tonight as rain turns into snow, national weather service forecaster Bob says there is a little bit of uncertainty right now, we're pretty much sticking with the one two three around the metro area with higher amount. To the south and Feiler says the forecasting models have been all over the place as the storm moves across the western US. He also adds the system could blow north or south of us that will impact how much snow we get. Today's high will remain in the fifties before things change later tonight that incoming storm could also impact your drive if you're heading back from the high country, see dots. Bob Wilson says this weekend really kicks ski and snowboard season into high gear along with the storms that are intimated to come in around midday and then continue through the afternoon, we're expecting some some delays traveling back to the front range crews are on snow shift at twenty four seven this time.

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