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The pirates line up Kevin Newman in Brian Reynolds all Newman did is the lead off hitter was go four for four with three runs scored and an RBI in east baton three oh two and then following him up is Brian Reynolds he had the three run triple in that second inning he went two for four with three RBIs in a run scored in a walk he's back in three twenty eight so when you've got those two guys set the table and driving in right getting on base driving in runs man tough to take Kevin Newman and Brian Kevin Newman and Brian Reynolds the top two hitters in the batting order hot for the Pittsburgh Pirates in that is brought to you by the or J. O. insurance group once again the right coverage for you your family with a personal touch let's go out to the phone so we welcome in Mike in Fairfield Mike you know what you know as the Vera red saying as I am as you are we've done this year yeah they're doing yeah going to today ten games out and it's double digits now don't matter you're right you're right under five hundred he number on the road swept in Pittsburgh they haven't won a game there's a place that's right yeah intend this year yeah wouldn't want to waste your own seven this year morning supporters active right if you're making plans the final three games of the season at the end of September the end PNC park in Pittsburgh wow you know what do they think you're never been down eight to three minutes he signed a three six three they gave away two or three runs yeah I mean urban makes a terrible throw in the first inning which customer run in the third inning there for really cheap it's part of pirates the little thing in America just got our and I want to talk about that play because it was off the bat hours left he dives okay and if you know barely misses it but T. trick comes over in basically he's out of the plate so Freddy Galvis had to try to sprint to get you I. S. D. as at first base and and and he couldn't do it but just it's it's things like that where was G. trickle when I don't know I I don't know if he stays at first base not the guy but I mean you're playing or perhaps off the end of the bat blue during the Westfield do you think two more wins at this is it a diving for the ball just go to first and take to throw from a Freddy Galvis yeah thank you three okay for and they come back they get within one room twice but they couldn't get the white the white women I didn't think they would what they have out there once Friday night into day one of those games you have to want to yeah and they just make the pirates look like a playoff team when when van meter hits a two run Homer it within eight to seven I'm thinking get through the bottom of the eighth you've got a puncher's chance in the top of the night one run down what happens yeah stalking board you know I'm a single a stolen base in an adorable and I thought it was gonna be a home run but that there was fan interference I don't think it was going to go out is a guy like leaned over and with this glove but it was you know what it was a double it's nine to seven and then a you handy goes yard smarter and then there was another slider he hangs it for is doing things for is that all we can't he really did but yes when was terrible today terrible yeah leaving are going made that bad what was he doing Robinette ball over second base Sir Paul I mean you can't divorce and here's the thing about our you know he can't autumn as they come in the dugout but if he's going to do there they're going to their needs yeah well how does Philip Berman if this was what a week or so ago take a ricochet off the wall and throw a strike to second base and nail a guy right okay and then today he can't even throw it to the cut off man many a lot nobody else I'm tired of hearing Tommy thrall say in the ball gets through then it goes to the dog down at all they gave away a run on a bear me one yes so the other night he turned and looked towards third base has the ball in his blood and it rolls toward the plate they do they take yeah they're not playing good in the middle the red what happens when they go to Pittsburgh in a weapon against his team is still five or sixteen bearable yes it's crazy there are even if they go to Miami and win three out of four four games in three days they might lean to those but it didn't matter you're not going to have a good look now all it is and on the road thirty three games ago twenty or more on the road you're right they're doing a I know once it got to well when they had their opportunity to get to six and a half and five and a half and then it just happened and now it's up to ten and a half the way of the mayhem they needed to beat the cardinals you couldn't do it when they had the chance they just don't win when they need to spend the big bad teams are just killed you're right and so they're not a contender I picked to win seventy nine games to they're not going to get there they get a win ninety more games yeah with the games on the road sixty and sixty nine oh my god you bought a third of a little girl in the photo when a couple of this should be the weekend they could do it really it's pretty well last night our system today and the money that I did very well but they lose all three games that's just awful and the only time they win their hours wood grain Casteel yeah yeah and that's not good enough you know I've noticed about balancing forms with the rich good to great starts with great American but all the really been terrible yeah terrible games probably on the roof you got to be better I know and you know it's just got to keep his wits about him all round yeah when he does if you're going to get on your teammates like that which we tend to deserve you better go after the next openings and ship them down and seven a group of three in one place and make little or one little you're right I know get Mike I got a lot of money man great talking to you all right it's the Kelsey Chevrolet extra inning show Reds lose ninety eight to the pirates to get swept out of PNC park it was a three to two score on Friday night fourteen to nothing last night in in today nine to eight another heartbreaker we're back for one more segment on the Kelsey Chevrolet extruding show in the wake of the Reds nine to eight loss to the pirates chick Ludwig seven hundred W. L..

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