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And i mean to me what they've done with. Just a question of idle hands no proper job. What can we do. Your was told you a bit. It tells you a lot about spectrum process. It was i. I remember reading about three pianos in studio shifts. Sorry told me. I go to barry to describe how feel spec record with and was that the first time anyone had that she'd go into detail yemeni basis five or six acoustic guitar just playing on the back of eastern. Yeah of his guitar. Well the funny addendums factors that before waterloo. Abba was stuck for an idea and the guy who was their engineer. Not their producer. Went out one day and walked into a second hand bookshop and found my book about specter. This is he says he's says authorized ever grow griffey and he said and i read this read jeff barry passage about how spectrum and he said yeah that's really interesting and he went back and talk to connie anderson and bulan benon baby and if written agneta well and the rethought how they made records and your just off those ranges credits makes sense it does make sure you expect to get sites. You can get does sound like influences. Clear are always sounds like spent together. I hear it to me. Go on record okay. Really changing the name undefeated into to be a which. We're going to change geographical through just just briefly to note the passing of nancy griffith who died earlier this week. And we're featuring two pieces about nancy. Well i'm from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight which is probably what i aware of roughly. Even though she made records fuda and more recent piece from twenty twelve by david burke where she's calling on her career. And i can't say i have already got nancy griffith but it's interesting reading the she says cats so this nineteen nine eight pieces where my home country thing was and she says. I don't care to be lumped into a group called new country or whatever. Because i don't come from the same state of mind the most of them came from and then she's slightly. Sneeringly i spent is on the road just traveling as a loss across america whereas the rest of them just went to nashville through the industry to build the following. She's an zero harsh. Says she's pointed towards honors and she doesn't stunt trust the burgh. I am very literally right. She did the original of from a distance and she did but yeah. I can't say. I mean what did you like is at the end of this. Twenty twelve pace. She says it was quite chilling to read now. She proudly retains the the. That was the buzzword of obama's election campaign and she says the legacy bush left was stupidity that other people can follow in his footsteps and be that stupid and succeed that was his legacy but the bombers surprises have total belief in him to get things done and it's chewing just to read about the stupidity of the bush era given what.

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