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Chicago's afternoon news. I'm Steve Bertrand just mention one thing on stimulus talks because the president alluded to this on on his radio interview. So where we are secretary Yushin that with Pelosi were willing and eager to make a deal and were willing to come up on the levels that we're giving in terms of direct payments to the American people, potentially PPP loans as well as airline aid we're still looking at. We want to keep that number below two trillion, but some progress being made. I want to think that the speaker's operating in good faith and we could have some progress in the near future White House spokeswoman today after news that the stimulus package might be back on Wall Street like it. Oh Dal finished its big best week since August. We will talk about that. With the least blink, we will talk about weighted voting in the presidential race. It's actually gonna happen in Maine this year. Will it ever come to Illinois Gummy bears and Asian carp tacos as well? All coming up on today's Chicago afternoon news. Lorna PCA is in the newsroom. Kevin Powell is watching Sports and Mary Vandevelde in traffic. Welcome to all of you. Thank you, Steve. I know you've been here all day. It's okay. It's sort of a weird looking day, and I kind of want to start with the weather Richter miles on the phone line. An adjunct professor at Loyola and Aviation meteorologist at Louis University, Rick Welcome to the afternoon news. Yeah. Good afternoon. Steve than congratulations. Thank you. I appreciate that now. So you know, I spent the morning at home outside his readers. Reading is very nice out and you know, they're just was like this weird Hayes and I's very windy. So I thought, Well, maybe it's just dust. It's been so dry. Then I'm driving into downtown and the skyscrapers literally were in a haze and not like a foyer. Right? And I have no, I don't know what What is it? That was interesting. Steve about 11 o'clock this morning That was down around the Pullman area about 100 11 Street off the bishop Ford and on the drive back, I was noticing the same thing. And I'm like, Wow, the sky has this strange look, the skyscrapers, the basically the south side of the city, which is always the better of you of the taller buildings. Had that kind of a pale looks to them that they didn't have almost this morning on. Obviously, this was nothing like what we had around here yesterday when the sky was in that deep blue right on, get a little bit. I did a little bit of digging, and I'm thinking to myself. I'm looking back at the trail off where the smoke from the wildfires out across parts of Colorado in Wyoming, and I did a little digging here and actually, a 60 active wildfires from Pueblo northward to about Laramie. And you look it also, you drive through some of the you know the areas south and west of Chicago, which it doesn't take long to get in the farm country on. There's a lot of harvest going on. So three or four days ago, harvesting was done with wind less than five miles an hour. Now they're done with Lindsay, probably 30 Miles an hour. I think it's a combination of both the dust coming off. Those harvested fields, and the elevated layers of Hayes is probably due to the wildfire smoke still emanating from those fires out in Colorado, Wyoming. Well, the thing that struck me though, is you know, because we've seen the smoke here in recent weeks, but I was always much higher, not closer around, and that's just what would confuse me. You think about this? When was the last time we had a day where we had 30 Mile an hour wind. It's been a while, hasn't it? It's I think that's probably part of it for sure. And you know when you think about the fact that restaurants need people outside, I was eating dinner on Randolph Street in the West Loop last week on a Friday afternoon. It was perfect. You had temperatures in the mid seventies, but no win. Now, even though we had temperatures close to 80 degrees, not only the sun setting sooner, but you also have 30 to 48 hour window between those, you know, city canyons if you want to call it that, so I'm sure the waiters and wages of a hard time keeping the napkins on the table. I didn't think about that. But you're right. So we got a combination of smoke up high and dust down. Yeah, that's probably the best way to describe it. That's fascinating. I mean, I've never how unique is the situation. I mean, clearly, sometimes you see something you like. Oh, this has never happened before. But maybe maybe it happened six weeks ago. You know, I remember. I think it was Mother's Day back in 1988. I'll never forget this. This was during the super drought that we had, and the farmers were doing so much. Plowing of their fields. The dust was literally being elevated. I'll never forget we had visibility's down to like left in a mile. Now I know that's a long ways to go. But that particular summer was not only hot but incredibly dry. And this was that Sunday of Mother's Day. I'll never forget what I was trying to play back from New York to O'Hare, and they literally had Delays due to blowing dust and blowing smoke and blowing a everyone throughout due to the fact that you have a lot of farm land to the west of us, and that it hasn't been windy for awhile that dust tends to settle. All you have to do is drive to the western Chicago Stop off in the cornfield, Take ear of corn, crumple it up in your hands and you got a bunch of dust. I think that's called theft, Rick, But you will thank you for your help today. Appreciate it. Yeah. Take care like Rick de Milo there explaining that dust, maybe smoke a little higher. Interesting. We're going to take a break. When we come back. We're going to talk about weighted voting. This is John Williams topic He loves this idea is actually gonna happen in the race for president in Maine this year. We'll kick that around the first Mary Vanderbilt has a look at traffic.

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