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That just occurred to her as she was talking to Howard him on a couple of episodes ago when she quit Mesa Verde. Jimmy said. What's Your Plan. You know what's your plan that's a you know you're GONNA PD cases doesn't keep the lights on what your plan. And I thought he was a real dickhead for saying that. Just risk life and limb to bring home a year's salary but I- Kim's plan. I wonder when this was her plan. Like I wonder how long it's been something that sticks in her crawl. Jimmy Scott this one to two million dollar honeypot. That will come in. When the settlement comes through and that that would enable her tapping into that money would enable her. She's the one who brought up getting married. She's the one who brings up Sandpiper in this episode. Is this something you think. She just thought of when Howard pissed off at the courthouse. Or is this something you think that she's been thinking about a while vis-a-vis her pro bono practice. She had that plan right away. I don't I don't think the listen there aren't. This isn't a comic book. There aren't thought balloons popping up over the character's heads. This is not get that version. No this isn't you know sex in the city. We're not getting like Carrie. Bradshaw I ask monologues about like what do you do when you come into one point two million dollars? There's there's nothing like that but with that said there isn't on the show that connects to me that she's been thinking about. Sandpiper all the way through what does connect to me. Is that Kim and Jimmy have fairly legendary pillow talk. They have fair fairly legendary like intimate moments where they talk scenarios through all the way down the line and that Kim is in a moment right now where and this is something that racy Horn spoke with me about is like. She's been trying to do things by the Book and look at where. It's gotten her if she tried to do things fully by the book. The start of the season was a big contrast to where she ends up at the end of the season if she tried to do things by the book and just let this guy take himself to trial he'd be thrown in jail and instead she goes with like the Jimmy Plan of like convincing this guy to like take. The deal was super upset about that like she was sick time time at the time and I think where we're at with her now over the course of the season and something that has been so gradual as to like not even like fully know that this is what's been going on is I think her accepting that the way that Jimmy does things gets results and we even had a conversation about this. I think in the season. Four finale or very close to the season for endgame which is like. I don't want to do anything like this ever again right when they're at the diner together so I don't WanNa do anything like this and I don't WanNa do this anymore for no reason for. There's no reason I wanna do it again. And now. She's doing this type of stuff again. She's talking about doing it on a very grand scale but for herself she has kind of come to grips with like there. Then it's Maquiavelian. The ends justify the means and if she is going to to dunk on. Howard Hamlin in this way. Then she's going to put it to good use but I don't think I don't think it's been like a long simmering premeditated thing anymore. Then the way that she stands against Laos. Salamanca is a premeditated Take Down I think for her. It's in the moment. She's taking the pieces that are they're assembling it into an effective weapon for the moment. You know she doesn't know what law is coming to the house where she doesn't know that law is coming over. She reacts in the moment with all the skills that are at her disposal and she comes out with something very sharp. I think that that's where she is right now. That lake morally ethically. She's at the point where she's willing to apply willing and ready to apply some. Jimmy style tactics to something. Pretty big involving Sandpiper. That's an ingredient on the table. That's been on the table and I don't think it's necessarily something that she's been thinking about for a long time so much as they're talking this stuff through for her she's like. Oh yeah well we could do that. That's the thing we can do it. The thing is for me like I can't forget that she's still the Kim. Wexler who did the Lady Macbeth thing in season two that she still the Kim Wexler who when she wanted to even though afterwards in the diner after they were in Lubbock or wherever it was and they pulled the scam with the breast milk and the additional plans and switched those documents out that she still that person who came to Jimmy and said. Let's do this She still willingly participated in what she participated in with. You'll sometimes her ends are noble like it was with Hewlett. Sometimes it's just to make a bank picker but I think she's always been involved in this sort of action as just a thing that she likes to do. And as we've talked about and we see it in this episode just the mere idea of these sort of shenanigans is a turn on to them. We see them talking about the things they could do. Howard Hamlin and we have a jump cut to them being in bed continuing the conversation. We got through the best part but it happened and it happened right after that conversation with full bellies. Mind you with full bellies which everyone knows. It's not ideal but they had and they jump right into bed smash smash ended. After they smashed. They continued their conversation. They had dessert later but still not ideal and get it. Was that conversation that led to it just like it always does for her. And this is a Kim who is talking about when she's tracking when you're talking about the end justifying the means and you're talking about her accelerating this and trying to create a pro bono practice with all this money and her saying oh well you know those seniors who maybe they'd lose two to three bucks whatever it is. They still get all their money sooner. They'd be able to actually enjoy it and spend it. She is talking against justify the means but she goes across the line a little bit and she trolley problem way says. I'm going to save all these other lives by costing the wine and she's clearly pumping gas on the trolley. That is headed at the one life when she says we're talking about a career setback for one lawyer when she's talking about Howard him and I can't help but be reminded of the Kim Wexler who several seasons ago when it happened to chuck in season three when they did it was so wracked with guilt. And get maybe seemingly is over that now that she's not reminded of that in any way so I just think this income Wexler is somebody. I've never killed a man but we're supposed to talk that. Well yes man what I what I understand upstate New York Sergei. Don't talk what I understand from fiction. Fiction likes to tell you this often right like whatever like sort of like murder show whether it's a thriller or it's like a game of thrones or whatever you always have some weary mercenary or some weary bad guy. Tell you like it gets easier. The more you kill Chuck mcgillis or I kill so has it gotten easier as a gotten more palatable. Walter White was pretty shaken by what he did to crazy eight. He without blinking. An Eye Since thirteen guys to believe that. Yes exactly in the Godfather one style. Yeah you're right. It's possible that that is that is the case with Kim. Wexler I just. I'm not sure and I thought again. I thought your talk with racy. Horn was great on this Friday. I'm not sure she knows moment to. I think are coping. Mechanisms have always been to throw herself headfirst into the task at hand whether it's staying super late and burning the candles at HMO to dig yourself out of a problem whether it's making all those calls posted notes all over the staircase in her spare time skipping lunches crushing those documents. For what was it Gatwick oil or whatever. It was getting in the car wreck on the way there. She has always gone super headfirst and pursued. These things are often at her own expense. And I don't think we're in any different territory in that regard here. She sees the goal. I think as as pro bono thing in wanting to help these people out and she's willing to do a lot to get there My question is like if those goalposts could be shifted like because she she seems to be shifting her morals in that regard vis-a-vis you saying I killed Chuck McGill and all of that pretty soon. Does it does it. Stop being in the way that breaking bad day with Walter White cooking for his family and then getting to a certain number that he made up in his head hitting that number and blowing past it and still not stopping is it. Is it going to be for her? Thing where okay. Yeah I get to focus on. Pro Bono Nava. Good pro bono practice going. That wasn't what it was actually about really enjoyed doing things. She was doing She'd liked it. She felt alive. If that's the story we're telling with Kim Wexler. I think it's important to look at where the where the goalposts have moved previously because I think they can instruct where they move in the future and so. I'm just not sure that I know how in her head this sandpiper thing was. She was able to pull it out very quickly and able to do the calculus on it so quickly there. I think at least whether even she realized it or not. It's been part of her decision making a along the tracks of this process. It is not something that just occurred to her out of them. She did look at an old person and say sandpiper. It's something that I think has been part of her mental calculus whether she's realized it or not and I think that's the fascinating part. She may not even realize what she's in the middle of it may take till the end of the series did with Walter for her to realize I liked it. I did it for me. That may be where we're headed with. Kim Not quiet out loud stuff. It's like the sandpiper thing was something that like in her head like she could do that. Math quickly enough to be like. Oh if we had that money this is something that I could do with my life but never really entertaining the thought. Because maybe she's at a point where she's either ethically and morally opposed to going down that line or she's not ready yet to admit to herself that like no. I would actually probably be all right with that. In fact indeed Lo and behold I enjoyed it. It's fascinating because it season to talk about season two episode nine but I know earlier in season two like episodes like Bali Hai and some of those first three or four episodes of season. Two when Jimmy Kim I get together and then our part. Kim is very upset because of what happened with Mesa Verde and because of happened with the cattlemen's it because of everything that happened H H. She's in the Doghouse. And she's very upset with Jimmy and she's not taking Jimmy's calls. They're not living together. Jimmy's working Davis and main living in the company housing. Jimmy's calling her answering machine leaving her messages. One of the things she says to him I something to the effect of. Let's see if you can just go like one day without breaking the rules of the Bar Association of New Mexico. Let's just see if you can do one thing. And that's when she gives that speech like you don't save me. I save me. Her problem with Jimmy at that point is how unethical he is. And I think what we're seeing out of Kim Wexler at best now is situational ethics at best. It's the trolley problem. Y'All ruin Howard Hamlin but I'll save dozens and dozens and countless other lives so it's fine. Her ethics are situational at best. Now and I think I think she's pivoting to situational ethics just as her only shield. I think re- in reality. I think she's using a sword to cut through a lot of the bullshit that she had built up around herself and she has emerged from her Christmas there in the darkness of HIV. And she certainly a different person than she used to be. I think we saw those notes before and those notes that we thought were back..

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