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On WCBS. A check of the WCBS forecast meteorologist Bill Deger. One does fall begin fall. Officially arrived Sunday just a few hours from now a little over twelve hours. In fact, nine fifty four pm is when will ring in the fall season and tell you what mother nature got the memo because it's starting to feel more like fall out there. Already in the wake of a cold front humidity's dropping this morning. We have a nice breeze. Temperatures aren't bad only going up to seventy three four today with a mix of sun and clouds will take that tonight, partly cloudy, low fifty nine other nice day tomorrow, albeit lots of clouds out there breaks of sun, high sixty eight then any sunshine will fade behind clouds, mud. Day sixty eight again raid likely Monday night, periods of rain, Tuesday, high seventy Wednesday, a little more humid warming up to seventy nine some sunshine a thunderstorm in the area as well. Currently temperatures range from sixty eight at Clifton is seventy three a Bayshore right now, partly sunny, seventy midtown midtown Tanya were heading up to seventy three. Thank you. Bill w CBS news time nine ten if a severe storm is headed your way, you can't really hurricane proof your home. But a few simple steps can help reduce the damage. Hi. I'm Tom Chrysler, and I'm Leslie on WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty with today's money pit home improvement tip. The high-speed force of hurricane winds and the debris. They carry can do major structural damage to your home protections that will help it. Stand up. The superstorm we'll reduce that damage. High winds can Papa garage door off of its tracks and exposure home to explosive pressure you want to invest in reinforced garage door or strengthen the current one. You have with a high wind upgrade kit, a broken window can also be a structural. So impact resistant glass models and invest in storm shutters. If you live along the coast now, roofs, often, go first and severe storms, but simple metal tie down..

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