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You can't avoid it i'm enjoying my exorbitantly price steak i like free parking i think any anyone like like when they're like oh like like rodeo drive is i think anytime you lamour like fancy shopping yeah that sucks yeah that's terrible yeah shop period i have the three shirts i wear as you know on that note i wasn't sure what to wear when i actually spent a good deal time looking at my job because i was almost certain you would as expected where pats cap and tshirt you dress it up a little bit mench wearing an open button also weirdly we met you didn't have a baseball cap which i'd never see baseball i took it off and i got in the recipe you take it up that's right with at dinner i took the head of nick i wasn't sure i knew you would wear buttondown shirt yeah in my head but i also envisioned that maybe you would wear a sport coat is that atypical for you or just make that up in my head i mean i you're wearing a sport coat because i i like when i go to a steak place to feel an also i had a plaid shirt on so it wasn't going crazy but i like to feel a little bit like ram like i'm in the rat pack i have come dressed as a full minion i am sport coats but i just sort of wore like a zip up.

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