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Repetitive bill. bill. Bill bill bill hearing so i heard the demo and it blew my mind i was like how can i have been. Bg's fan for thirty years and not know but like not too. Many people knew at all this song so just recently a very clean version of this demo showed up on youtube. And let's do it. And i'll be honest. I really love the slow version. The slow middle section of the song it completely changes the complexity. The song it adds so much and heart and so much because i can tell you very confidently. That stay alive is not even on my top twenty favorite. Bg songs because of the played strict blah blah blah. Yeah it's a great song. Don't get me wrong but this slow bridge to it. I was obsessed for three days. Just listening to that on a loop So if people were that curious go. We'll have to find that So couple things there. one I think that's why and to bring back a couple of bruce points I think that's why. I loved bruce's when he toured australia a few years ago. He opened every show with a different australian bands song. That was what his that was his thing and so And when you hear the horns doing the staying alive it is a totally different version of the song. And it it it goes like damn. This is a really cool song. You know like the the angst in it in the drum and i love the version of it doing We exchanged videos right. Because yeah i said hey go ahead i was gonna say that is to me. One of the disservices of the bg's legacy is that that era is glossed over as high pitched vocals. And it's all fun dance music and that's about it. The specifically the senate fever songs were written about a very dark story very dark life of kids..

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