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Getting out of Dodge is they would say in across the bay bridge you're in good shape heading to the eastern shore it is that time of year you know now from garage door repair dot com that's W. one A. L. stormwatch seven forecast mostly cloudy skies that's how you'll remember the day to day a little bit of sunshine breaking through that'll give us enough heating this summer strong thunderstorms starting at about three PM look at a height of about eighty seven degrees will clear out early Saturday the height eighty three an ABC seven meteorologist Rhonda Johnson instruments seven weather center right now it is seventy three in Vienna seventy two in Damascus seventy four at Reagan national I'm John Matthews on one oh five point nine FM Washington's mall WMAL Washington mornings morning welcome to Friday morning five oh six on mornings on the mall joining us at six thirty five Dr Matthew Vaughn since he is the executive editor of EWTN and we're going to talk about all the restrictions on churches as they re open at seven oh five this is a colonel Tony Shaffer at seven thirty five for the Washington post's Kyle Swenson it was a guide as to what is opening in our area at eight OO five Hans von Spakovsky why the push for all male by election is on Y. and at age thirty five with news of the day I'm sorry.

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