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I deeply suggest as communications network for making this happen thanks to Jason for work on the dials thank you all for tuning in we really do appreciate it you don't have to follow us on Twitter doctor daily and on Facebook at the daily show so you know we have our first dog in the United States with corona virus we talked about that we talked about how now if we social distance then on the would spend some social justice to so number dog barks cats have to be on a leash they have to be six feet away from other pads and against each others but now one day after the social distancing guidelines were released by the CDC my cats brought in three lizards and a raft and so they are all really define the stay at home and social justice in order and I just really don't know how to control visible don't let cats out of the house well there's a doggie doors somebody else will be be outside cancel that order so people don't know you know which dog was the why was a plug we talk about pugs his name is Winston a tear apart in Chapel Hill North Carolina he the first US dogs test positive now keep in mind we are really testing animals that easily frequently so I you know I mean maybe there are more you know my little dog Z. evidential cities that we call a corona virus whose every time she sees herself as always please but you know what else maybe you know she does but we're not going to test her because she's not acting sick she's not happy in the allergies that and she's our own social isolation so are predisposed to have week long their short squish up noses I'm going to A&E harmless a veterinarian and chief medical officer for animal wellness center hospitals she says punks have Breaky cephalic syndrome this gives them the appearance of a shorter amount because the developers are three issues yeah they always double green Snoddy and things like that this is possible to be a plug made him more susceptible to the virus so that is interesting because you know my daughter has a son out yeah she's a bit Sean free saying if I'm pronouncing that right she's French she doesn't have the delicacy of anything friend she's just I felt so alive there you know spread eagle and you know she never wears pants and you know she just kind of sits there and looks of self and just kinda you know my could you please add more ladylike you're from France is supposed to be French we so I'm not sure what's going on with her but she's got us out so my guess is if you have a sound and a virus does come near your nose so now it's gotta wait you're just like men and UT eyes we don't see you TI's in men like we do with women women have a much shorter urethra than men right so we you know maybe saving was now makes sense of the bug when I was inside the nose is right there by the brain so these break a cephalic breeds are those with flat faces short necks they also include Bulldogs Chow Chow's and **** now what state did suffer from mild symptoms his owners are contracted the virus interestingly enough there were like four people the family I think only three of them got it the one didn't but he is a prolific face licker so the public can house what the dog with the contract the virus and the ones that had a higher viral load because he was always looking face then I wonder maybe it's just that it's you know he's a puck the virus can stay on the dogs for so Marty be exam driven woman section said I've been looking for anything that might be on the ground possibly spent or moisture during walks wiper dogs paws and give them a regular bath so even though very sad you could you know walk the dog in and and whatever you can walk the dog just again after social distance I guess we've got a couple of domestic kittens lions and Tigers of the Bronx zoo and tested positive so animals can get it you just don't want to cancel lion or a tiger now I haven't really seen a lot of other dogs because I have a twelve o'clock then usually there's always really nice little puppy or German shepherd puppy German shepherd or somebody at the TSA and the dogs come up and it's not easy because the TSA agents will not let them smell you know you're you're you're growing area where it was a lot of dogs do but they'll small bands and things like that to really die animals can do so much you can pick up so much of a big impact on cancer but apparently the dogs are not working up to snuff they say apparently among the issues is dogs inability to detect certain explosives or explosive devices we have a report by federal investigators that screaming dogs used by the TSA checkpoints are largely ineffective you can not sure your post show deployment and use of its P. S. C. provided effective security and passenger screening checkpoints they're referring to passenger screening canines as a result they say our nation's aviation system and the traveling public could be a risk of a catastrophic event caused by an undetected explosive device they said we found canines on TSA's PSE teams maybe not may not detect and then they say rejected so I think there's a okay my guess is that maybe it was a bad word this is due to K. nine seven inherent limitations restricting TSA's ability to train PSC's protect all significant explosive threats the report has also raised concerns that totaled his the managers are more concerned about keeping checkpoint lines moving but then using the dogs most effectively so I have to admit when I've been online the line keeps moving animal is a dog and I don't should I stand still so the dog sniff whatever has and the dog usually just walks around in a circle and I just want you know don't touch the dog so now yeah you wanna play with dogs I don't the but you're moving isn't as you're moving so quickly that the dog just gives up and your what I see with some of these dogs they're they're amazing they're smart but they they look like they feel rushed and they start to go somewhere and then they feel like because everybody's moving over they have to go and you don't have it and do something else and so I've always wondered because I watch it on someone or they on to something with that person they say this introduces Gregory is because the metal detector only identifies metallic objects whereas the other equipment identifies all anomalies on a person's body so being sniffed by a dog they usually will precede a metal detector rather than a body scanner but maybe they you know they just want people go back to the body scanner as CNN reported December revealed separate whistleblower conservatives say prioritizing speed over security the report does not address whether even a dog that is ineffective and detection what have a deterrent effect now it's interesting so my kids were born one was formed you know the year before September eleventh the other the year after and so they've never seen anything different in terms of the screens are member when I was taking my son I had to fly September two thousand eleven to Seattle and it was a couple weeks after September eleventh was at the of the month and I had is milk Sippy Cup and they made me drink the milk and I hate milk and I didn't want to drink it but I'm like okay they're going to think something suspicious with us I drink is milk and you know he's I know anyone is welcome back or whatever but you know they they we we we were obviously the you know those first few weeks very paranoid right and then things start to calm down a little bit and you could have liquids until somebody I don't know if it was a great Britain or whatever brought to liquids with them on the plane and the mixture of the two was supposed to be a detonating device or cost of explosion so after that no liquids or you can only get you can't bring your own water bottles you can't and then you yelp airports use it to their advantage going sure you can buy water with us at five fifty a bottle so we buy overpriced bottles of water and drinks at the airport now and we just we just get screwed that's just it but we stop people from bringing their own liquids onto the plane then you have the underwear bomber and somebody had he was wearing a pair of panties or something and he had an explosive device in his underwear and I forget the founder I thought actually found him on the plane I'm not exactly sure what happened with that when I forgot to look at that he was the penny bomber member and so what the way we approach now you know the TSA and and whatever you know we've been very frustrated in that you know we have all these delays we have to explain a spend extra money and we have to be at the airport to three hours before and all that but you don't really want to avoid it but doing a damn good job but see here's the difference so we forget now we have coronavirus and social distancing how are you supposed to stand in line at an airport out of anybody's even talked about this yes Harris was in line at airports even though we don't have a lot of people airports now because people are fine the when life gets back to normal or near normal hi yes crowds of people doesn't land in there so I think the dogs might have a better chance of picking things up because now you have people separated out of adjustment one eight seven seven October attention homeowners that have ever had a broken appliance that's a joke right we've all had broken.

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