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And everything in the UK section here. It's really wonderful. And then also so we love getting charcuterie cheese and wine flights Tudo Gustavo wine cellar in Italy. That was charming and just really really fun yeah snack. That's just beautiful. And I also love the Nigerian meat pies which is from this like Africa section in the park. They didn't have a full service restaurant out there. But it's like this casual walk counter where you can get Nigerian meat pies. They also have like a dessert of some sort. At the time I was a lion king themed panna cotta. But what's really really feeling that I miss food and wine. I know so food and wine that I mean that's a whole thing in and of itself. It's nearly three month long festival where it's epcot it just like times one hundred because they they bring in like thirty eight additional boost right for food and snacks and throw like snack like bites at like five fifty on average. But it's good because each you and the other person that you're with hopefully Can each get a good bite and like good taste of that. It's it's a good place to go share things right so intermission to all this wonderful stuff. That's there year round all these restaurants. They add all these other countries with these mini kind of smaller stands ends everything from like Australia to Thailand. To what like Brazil Belgium. It's it's a lot all are they're kind of situating scattered all over the global. The World Pavilion here roll showcase and my favorites from food and wine where the chicken Teriyaki Albans Japan. The Brazilian Cheese Brad. Though the I loved there's these Charcuterie MIT's cones from Spain. I sell those great. It just did not get a chance to try. Graham there is s cargo Khorasan's from France which also gets points for being the craziest but it was good link garlicky. The like this pesto thing on tug-of-war yeah then boozy Mingo losses from India and they spike that with child corps which is so yummy and creamy and just the amount of space and then Hamas fries from Morocco which was really interesting as well they really are. Yeah it was were beautiful wonderful. And they're like thick fries almost prize. Rela cheese they were they were like. I'm really FRY sexton beautiful. So that's that's op dot. That's epcot food and wine and then like we mentioned the real surprise stunner here all this Disney springs which I had not done prior to going here this time and this is not one of the par. It's it's part of Disney world. It's more of like the shopping dining retail place with like a movie theater and Bowling Rolling Alley near downtown Disney and now it's his niece brings because it is. It's it's more uplifted a lot. More great like restaurants and coffee well. A lot of our friends Chef Art Smith Rick Bayless mazing chicago-based chefs and restaurants. So good yeah and it's huge. It's the sprawling shopping and dining complex. And we've been multiple times and didn't even go to like a quarter of the places here probably probably but it's wonderful and we loved so much of it we. I think our favorite is probably homecoming which was art Smith. Five Times you just leave their with their soulful awful yeah. I'm in Southern Comfort deliciousness. In a really beautiful building and chef art he used to be Oprah's Private chef and so that he knows what he's doing that good food to the world and it's just a really inspiring place to go And there's so many people people came out of town we said we gotta go. Oh here down here. Getting Fried Chicken deviled eggs and hummingbird cake all of it. That was a good one. I also loved this like wild place called the Addison this sprawling two storey restaurant and bar. That's like has a steam punk vibe and yes just insane. They have like the whole we'll components and people doing acrobatics in the ceiling and then like employees here just randomly walking around on stilts. It's such a wonderful experience to go there. It is great cocktails. Yes innovative for sure. Innovative cocktails which are right up our alley so good for that and then we also loved this place called the the plate pig which is more casual it gets it gets hop later in the evening so go for lunch or like an early dinner so it's barbecue and they have have a great like pulled pork brisket and the barbecue glazed fried chicken sandwiches and stuff like that but the real winner is probably the best Manhattan Hatton cocktail Disneyworld was solid and delicious and I would rather just sit at the bar and absolutely knock him some fried chicken sliders or something like that. That's a good way to go. And then I think the last one shout out that was noteworthy that we loved. Was this place called. Enzo hideaway this. Like tunnel if they call it a tunnel bar. It's kind of under quasi underground Italian speakeasy or you know this kind kind of looks. Like if olive garden was the speakeasy but like the food way. Better like rone's and the wine grape wine selection cheese board stuff like that got but again wildly popular. We try to go back with my sister and there were like it'll be two hours like never mind and did you mention frontier. Oh Yeah Rick Bayless not forget. Rick Rick Bayless has restaurant and which really cool is when I was working in farmers markets Chicago and when we were going to different restaurants we really met Greg and Leah Gun Thorpe and they actually Provide Rick with theriault The special treatment made for Rick. And it's on one of the best appetizers appetizers on that menu So you definitely have to jump by their. Don't enjoy all the delicious foods that Rick has. Yeah so that's these are some highlights from here. I was like as you can see. I can just go on and on and on and make really a whole podcast. This but Disneyworld has so much not only to do ride wise and attraction traction wise but the food at all the parks at Disney Springs is phenomenal. And it's come a long way since I'm sure like when I went there as a kid not that I was like paying much attention to that. But it's become really like an attraction in and of itself the dining scene and the drinking scene Disneyworld and and absolutely yes. You should definitely go here and branch out from the Mickey Pretzels can't drink but like branch out because there's the whole Disneyworld of flavor to to explore you've been listening to Parkland. Yeah a show about National Parks Park land as to production of iheartradio created by. MAC KEROUAC Brad Care. Whack and Christopher has Yoda's produced an edited by Mike John. Our executive producer is Christopher has Yoda's R. researcher. 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