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Changes are not coming to Alamo Plaza. The Texas Historical Commission has given the thumbs down to a plan that called for moving the cenotaph about 500 FT. Away to the South. Doug McDonald, who heads Alamo Trust says This is a huge blow to the Alamo Master plan, which was supposed to make the plaza look more like it did back in 18 36. If we really love Texas history, and we think the story of the Alamo is important, this is our one opportunity. Our lifetimes actually tell the story to tell it well, to tell us of public understand that The move was backed by tourism leaders and groups like the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. But it faced opposition from many Texas Republicans like Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, who felt that moving the cenotaph would disrespect the defenders. San Antonio Police were involved in a shooting late last night at the Westway Apartments on Cool Labor Road That's on the city's Westside officers were responding to a burglary when they heard a gunshot come from the apartment. A woman and five kids came running out of the unit until police there was a man with a gun inside. When officers tried to talk him out. He fired several shots at them. Officers returned fire hitting the man. He is now hospitalized. No word on his condition. Police chief William McManus is reviewing Bodycam footage. Bear County is seeing a slight uptick in covert 19 cases. Metrohealth reported 196 new cases yesterday, bringing the seven day average up to 148 Mayor Ron Nirenberg is reminding residents that the pandemic is not over. Remember, this virus is still present in our community. So mask up, Keep 6 Ft of distance from others. Wash your hands frequently, and if you're sick, please stay home and away from others. Six new death were also reported on Tuesday. Nierenberg says it's too soon to tell of the bump in cases is related to the Labor Day weekend. President Trump is blaming China for the US heading 200,000 Corona virus death. Trump called the milestone a shame, but claimed the number could be over two million. If the response wasn't done properly. The US leads the world in both total cases and number of deaths from the virus. President Trump, meantime, says he will announce his Supreme Court nominee this Saturday at four PM as Republicans want to confirm the nominee as soon as possible. It looked like a living GOP showdown. But the president's unlikely hero Mitt Romney, delivering the key vote to push forward after Collins and Murkowski defected and in Pittsburgh, the president Was grateful, but he was very good.

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