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Time. He drove in runs in the middle of a great lineup, he did it in pressure situations in the 75 World Series, obviously. And Joe Morgan is the best all around player I've ever seen. He's the best second baseman I've ever seen. Second best second baseman I've ever seen is Roberto Alomar. And moon Roberto Alomar is a better second baseman than Jeff Kent. Jeff Kent was a great hitter. I'm not going to argue that. He has the numbers. What's also interesting about this. And props to Michael Hurley. One of your working covers. Yeah, if you will. At CBS Boston. Sean, I'm going to quote him here. This is Michael Hurley writing. Shaughnessy leaning on war just weeks after an F war tweet. Mentality. You know the one I'm talking about? I don't know that tweet, but I wanted to say that, too. Get the hell out of here with the analytics. In the Twitter joke, Dan Charles said F war, there's an F war mentality in a Twitter joke. And that's interesting as Hurley points out. His 2019 story labeling Mookie betts as essentially being the same player as Fred Lynn also overlooked bets 42.2 war in 794 games compared to Lin's 32.1 war in 828 games. So to your point, you can make numbers you can make liars out of all of us with numbers and numbers can tell a story any which way you want. But if you've watched David Ortiz, in that era where there's so many question marks and so much gray area regarding PEDs. I'm putting him on my Hall of Fame ballot without question without hesitation. He's on the ballot. He should be in the Hall of Fame. I think he will be on the first ballot and Dan shaughnessy to his credit acknowledges toward the end of this story that when he was interviewed for this and announcing that he didn't vote for David Ortiz for the Hall of Fame. He said, look, I think David duarte's is going to get in and congratulations to him. He's just not.

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