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This the real problem with that google employees viral antidiversity ma'am it's anti diversity it's as it says in the first line he says he's pro diversity he says your achieving diversity your to achieve diversity you're doing the wrong things it's a very reasonable ri well memo so on courts dot com they say it's bigger than silicon valley the reason this guy's antidiversity memo went viral lots of people are peeve they say eight gugel and outs and it's not hard to see why the author of this document argued that the gender gap in software engineering is in part boil down a biological differences between men and women and then they say it is on course dot com they say the ideas aren't particularly well reasoned for instance so they say his ideas are not well reason and then they give the for instance he wrote quote discriminating just to increase the representation of women in tech is as misguided and biased as mandating increases for women's representation in workrelated and violent deaths in prisons and in school dropouts that's all they said they said that was not a well reasoned argument why because you don't like it didn't give any reason as to why that is a they they printed it and they is if it's it's not a good argument but it says on courts it also reflects a disquieting trend across the country discussion about diversity in free speech is increasingly defined by people on the ideological extremes and get this this is so rich at courts dot com so it's defined by people on the ideologue digital extremes now they point out the two extremes that exists in our country on one side we have the militantly politically correct left the students who shut down charles murray speech at middlebury college all right that's the left the intolerant left are the students who shut down charles murray speech at middlebury college on the other side they say is the anti pc backlash that liberals have provoked of which the rambling confused tirade of the gugel employee is the latest example so those are the two examples they say that's extremism on.

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