Charles Hickson, Calvin Parker, LSD discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Areas now I should stress you know Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker I believe them fully as I described what day to save a soul Calvin for example I spent a weekend with him at a conference just over a year ago and he came across you know I totally credible genuine truthful person and I think that's what I truly believe he is but the the downside is that if your mind is flooded with loose hallucinogenic it's hard to say that what you actually soul he's what you saw you know there's no lying no exaggerating but your mind is not necessarily your most reliable organ a feel like you know when you're faced with something but he's gonna Altea mind anyway so I find that particular case intriguing because they the mayor images that you have between that case and Rendlesham I have to say the dosing someone with something like LSD would be pretty tricky and that how much they absorb how long they're hallucinating because you know you have witnesses they are bent waters thing who then go back to the base there still not hallucinating ten hours later five hours later at terms of the some of the stories you know we're talking about hallucinogenic but may not.

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