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They they would have pay off their home and they don't have that tax deduction anymore there may be donating their time instead of their money to different charities and so forth and some of these tax deductions are going away but my goodness having sticking yourself in just a pure tax deferred situation can be precarious for your future so a lot of times people call simply because they wanna have less less taxes some people because they need more income some people because they want to leave a legacy you know for for their for their progeny and this is all of these different things can be addressed with the different accounts that we offer and that we provide and that we help facilitate all different types of companies that we work with but i do want to point out one that has no fees and the illustrations show this is a company that everybody would recognize we're not gonna say the the name but you can call us and find out what it is but this is an example of a seventy year old that says you know what i bought this extra three hundred thousand dollars i just want to leave it to legacy i have nothing come and so forth let's see what it's going to do in terms of just pure growth over the next ten years well the projection is it's going to end up being six hundred sixty thousand dollars ten years from now that's just that's doubled okay and then twenty years from now if he's you know living tilles ninety one point four million dollars is now going to go to legacy okay so i mean now does he have to keep it in there and it's only for legacy no he can have take the distribution every single year if he wants i mean they knew and if you die before ten years or whatever and there's no everything goes to your beneficiary yeah that's what we call a cumulation account and it has no fees lorette you as you pointed out i mean this is certainly a company that everyone would recognize we don't say the name because we're not trying to educate all the other financial advisers out there but but yeah so you should give us a call and we can explain it to you and illustration let's explain somewhat in.

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