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The need for greater law enforcement presence according to the summary the best law enforcement rapid response training, program at Texas State university as provided direct train to. Nearly thirteen hundred first responders since the shooting on may eighteenth at the capitol Chris FOX. News Radio twelve, hundred w o a tariff rules San Antonio school districts are getting some extra police Facing things to a pilot program. Sheriff hobby air Salazar's is they have a crew of reserve officers who usually go on ride alongs, instead he's putting them to work in the east central and south west school districts to keep. Kids safe the debate goes between more guns less guns or the answer more guns are the answer we like to take action here he says the reserve officers will augment the district's police forces and if there is a. School shooting their presence, will cut, down on, response, times, the, body of the, late Senator John McCain is now in Washington he will lie. In state today at the capitol, and honor few Americans have had. This honor is reserved for presidents and, other eminent officials John McCain certainly qualified in that a longtime Senator someone who ran. For president twice was, the Republican nominee for president also you know prisoner of war for five and a half years in Vietnam the rotunda will be open for public viewing this afternoon the longtime Republican Senator in, Vietnam, veteran died of brain cancer Saturday at, his home in Arizona at the age of Eighty-one The Queen of soul is being. Remembered today at her funeral in Detroit. Franklin's home going, celebration is expected to last several hours at greater grace temple starting with the viewing where Moore's.

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