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Rest of the night. Here we go. Ready? I tried. I. Yes. Again, you're grinder Shep. I'll be more specific is. So can't drew Brees events a tough playoff loss last year. But he only did it throwing hundred twenty hours thirty twenty win road win against the Vikings. It didn't need to do much more. They're able to avenge what they needed to. You know, sometimes drew Brees doesn't have to throw for four thousand yards in a game. It's okay. Defense showed up got after Minnesota Kirk cousins, she still had a very good game statistically, but it just wasn't where they needed to be with the rushing game. Mark Ingram came to play alva- Kamera help them out. They just did a fantastic job in the offensive end the saints. Did they're six and one the roller getting ready to take on the Rams and four the Vikings at four three and one you're not at the top of the division. You're gonna mess around at someone's going to get you. It's still your division to take. It's still your division to win. And that means that you're playoffs to make. But we're halfway through you start messing around Minnesota next. Okay. Eagles needed a bounce back win. And they got it against the Jaguars Wentz. Thirteen T two picks. He is Baldwin. The Jaguars had opportunities to jump back in this game. And they did they had opportunity Stephen take the lead in this game. And they didn't I don't know what else to tell you other than Blake Bortles is not a good quarterback. And that's putting it lightly because I don't want to say anything because maybe his family might be listening over there. But I see Blake Bortles, and I see a quarterback that's holding you back, and I see a defense has talked to budget trash and Azziman able to back it up. You made one playoff run. Big freaking deal. You know, I sat here couple of weeks ago and I- dimed out the Seattle Seahawks. It talked about what their players were and talked about how selfish they were. You don't want at least they've won a Super Bowl. So Earl Thomas can give the bird and other guys can be upset about their contract situations. But they're naturally supposed to be that way. It's logical because they've won you've won nothing. Jalen Ramsey, nothing. It and finally it took up given forty to shut your mouth. But it's okay berry churches taking guys out out in London on Friday before the game. And then not paying your Bill. Will you anything in Jacksonville, let alone London? You think that you can get away without paying a Bill, please? You have lost your focus. You're losing games. You could lose your jobs, and it's looking even worse for your future. Three and five garbage most disappointing team in the NFL for the eagles. At least they have themselves a hangover, they can blame. But at least they got some heart and professionalism. You could learn from them next. Okay. Mitch Trubisky beat the jets ran for fifty one yards. Can no jet had more than twenty five bears. I wanna play bear down Chicago Bears. I wish we would have played at tonight bears fans. Rejoice you got yourself a quarterback Ryan pace might not be that crazy. You are at the top of the AFC north the NFC north, and guess what you get to do. You get the correct me on the of the NFC. And now you get to stand there like aren't Anderson. You can stand there bears fans it talk trash. Talk trash to the Packers. Talk trash to the Vikings talk trash to the lines. If you wanna get in the ring with the big dogs, then you're going to have to pay the fiddler next. I James was the Terminator can against the Browns. Twenty four carries one forty six yards and two touchdowns in the win against your Browns. I'm sorry can levian. You bet on yourself. You're messed up, and then you hurt the you hurt the market for some of the other running backs out there. You're messed up. Hey, I don't know. Keeps ask we can wins. Hugh Jackson, Yuli fired. I don't I don't know. The only thing I can tell you is that even when the has tried to do the right thing. They do the wrong thing next. Okay. Coach you shouldn't get fired put up thirty seven points against the bucks. Obviously. That's the Bengals Winston one four picks Dalton zero picks fits magic coming back in fits magic. This is what's up? This is what the problem is with James Switzer. You put yourself in a position where Ryan Fitzpatrick a beef. It's magic again. And I was going to go out there like Conor McGregor. Your problems your child. Your your silliness your stupidity off the field has put your team in a precarious position. And now it's carrying over on the field. And for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Who again, we'll do Ryan Fitzpatrick things as soon as the spotlight's on he will continue to fall. But if there's no spotlight on him. He can scare you for the Bengals take your win and run with it. It's been a little bit rocky over the last couple of weeks, but the Bengals were able to get the five and three at home against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are now three and four have fired defensive coordinator and Dirk cutters, the only one left in and by the way with four hundred sections at a pick six as well. Yeah. You know, what's that? You haven't been able to get over the hump? Got to wonder about the old b word for Jameis Winston next. Right. She's beat the Broncos again Mahomes finished with three hundred three yards. And in other words, the sky is blue. All right. Well, you just basically took it right there. In other words, the sky is blue Patrick Mahomes chiefs. This is the seventh straight time they've won in mile high sensational next. Okay. Cam Newton beat the first ballot hall of Famer shade can Jim Harbaugh thirty six twenty one Harbaugh. Twenty six twenty nine over his last four years. Wait a minute. John harbaugh. John Harbaugh's the coach of the Baltimore Ravens. How I knew that. Panthers has had a surprising season. Because I thought the Panthers were going to be that great football team, and they play in a very tough. What was supposed to be a very tough NFC south. Now, the falcons are a professional football team. So I expect the falcons to still not go quietly into the night. But the Panthers are a very good five and two they just happen to be playing in the same division as the ever so dangerous New Orleans Saints, but the Panthers look out for him defense starting to come to fruition started like Cam Newton Newton things do and for the ravens I have to get it going again because four and four ain't gonna cut it in the AFC north or at least in the AFC to get yourself to the playoffs next. Well, Ken Redskins beat the giants at MetLife stadium. The giants are own four at home. Do I start taking the Redskins seriously or I just say you're the best of a bad bunch because the eagles are still sleepy. The giants are poop and the Cowboys. You know, how I feel about the Cowboys but the Redskins with Alex Smith in a typical Alex Smith game at twenty thirty two and one hundred seventy eight yards and a touchdown. But with Adrian Peterson for one hundred forty nine yards. I think the Redskins might be for real because they're gonna win that division. And that means they're going to go to the playoffs there. I said it I said it I feel better and also okay saquon Barkley thirteen carries thirty eight yards and seventy three yards in the air. Nice wasted day yet again, I love to say the stats because. Because it's just wasting. They're just wasting the young man, you should have taken a quarterback Dave next. Okay. Sea hawks getting into the groove ten dominant road win held the lion's thirty four rushing yards. Russell Wilson his credit give the defensive stand their credit shutting off the faucet going after Russell and VP type performance last year putting it on his shoulders again. He keeps the Seahawks flying. Next candy, one hundred dollar million dollar man is now on pace tat the worst franchise season ever. What are you talking about one their loss to the colts? Oakland Raiders now wanted to.

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