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My name's Allie, and this is the roofs falls unite podcast where we watch Russian films or films with a Russian connection. As always I'm joined by guest and today my guest is Lydia Highly Dea. Thanks joining me Hello Hello Lydia's coming all the way from California not makes any difference when when I say they'd far though still all the same it is it is Below depending where you're listening to us a more than ninety. But whatever lydia could you tell us a little bit? And what you do sure. I am an actress. Producer, and I am involved in a lot of different creative projects. Namely, I just produced one of my first short films called clearance that was very exciting I write short screenplays. Right plays right full length screenplays I act in pretty much anything. I can get my hands on and I am very passionate about curate ing and creating excellent contents. Superb. That is so many things I don't quite know what's done. Now, we can add occasionally guest zone on a podcast. Yes, absolutely thanks to you. So thank you. Yeah. So. as far as as the acting side of things is concerned is that the the one that sort of? Started you off on your creative path. Would you say yes, I yeah. It's his house in my first show and I was eight years old and I started taking conservatory style classes in I'm from the Denver area in Colorado I started taking..

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