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You may know me from oranges. New black or disclosure. My hope it's at people listening to earn cock show gain new perspectives. That will inspire them to live differently. All of these things that we just accept as natural normal and inevitable. But they're not listened to the laverne cox show in the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Don't yuck somebody else's yum make sure you subscribe and shannon. Guess what decision. We're about to make moral decision. Amiga benito to hari blade the own. What does that was real spanish. That was even a i thought. I don't know. I can't say is so fed up when we come back from vacation to start speaking spanish taylor jamaica back remind that's awful actually jamaican does h hair. I don't believe it you've got to not listen. I await episode. This is andy. Got a that bitch. April palms aka. Peggy markle don't you feel me when i tell you. The face of wheezy broke. Chill bro judging you so we're doing this again. I'm not trying to other guest. Must say it's the same thing they thank. You don't think i've been listening. I've been this is a nice nasty. Like like nice nasty. The sample like oh. Oh so you're holding your pants. You wanted to do that. all right. allie is like why would you have holding. You'd like no i say okay. I feel shady shady trying to be nice pass. The i don't like that one is direct. Shade and one is like slice shade. Yes will shake though. It's still shape. It's still nasty. I see your point. I don't see why. I mean we are today by two of three though we are missing a third they are of the black girls texting podcast which actually were on three or four years ago. Now i can. We the also went on girl's texting electric. Oh i think so. I'm excited to have a conversation with again. More women podcasters. So you guys have been doing this for how long when i came on your had. Four correct no. It was three of had jimbo. Jim okay another thirty four. What happened did you guys break up. What's he still loves him. Jam shoutout to jim. Jim jim studios now. We used to record in person. And then i moved to california moved to california and it's it's possible refinance emulator. I always think sometimes because like mandy. I think you said to me a few days ago on now. If you wanna call like i'm going to be podcasting for like five years. I feel like that's my time if i right in assuming that we will do this for five years. I'm like yours three. I'm going to have a moment and eat. Pray love and how am i going to tell me. I feel like it's going to be like. I just really need this center myself and move to la for a little bit. Like i just need this for me. I'm trying to say that she she moved to. La will let me know how often you're going to fly back to new york. We can record or or we just go bulk record hundred mexico. Yeah like went well. It was called with so we did remote. We're finding remote. But when she was back and forth we would like record like fucking six episodes like so tiring. Your thoughts commitment. Like if you've made it you should if you're cool with in person like we don't fuck resume zooms like everything okay okay. The energy is different. I've listened to a few of your episodes like per saw. Y'all have some huge as guests on your fucking platform thinking. I was listening to the one with robin thicke that he just started singing his like songs that was like he. You know what they had robin thicke against us because he likes. My girls are good. Meet him We got connected through our friends at lady gang. Which is another podcasts. All women's podcast just need to see the name of yours. He was like black yoga. We got on with him. He was like oh house dating in new york. I was like oh man from the jump he was like i heard you ladies. You know you talk about a lot of things house dating in new york. I was like oh. That's a lot of things as well. You know what we the last two potters that we had are actually from the south. I guess i wanted to ask y'all especially because we do have a large listenership in new york wha- dating but like or are you single what are your pronouns. How do you identify sexually. We normally ask that over the done. Pronoun tall yeah. You're right now. They're in trouble nearly another girl. Podcast on right now. Ohno did you get canceled or something. They were mad at her. And you want to emphasis on day. But he's ass no like we brought someone on that We wanted to discuss nonconformity with and there were just some slip-ups stuff like that where We were fucking it up You know just stuff like that. But i know what y'all thought coochie or and do you. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend because you could do both right. i'm single. I don't really dig dig. I don't really suck. They don't get out of here. How old are you not really. I'm twenty eight. Listen ouse- i'll suck your dick but people are like i love sucking big it is. It just doesn't do it for me. You don't do it. Well no no. It's not even like i've been told that. Do pretty pretty good for someone who doesn't really suck dick good job at something and you know what you're excited to do it if you do. Nah it just doesn't do it. Here's a i'm a super sub not having tied up and all that jazz but like if you're like bitch suck my dick and you shoved down my throat are probably way more into lipid. Sub down your throat. You can't help but suck it shoved down your throat wrecked and that's the kind of approach like if you're going to kind of be like He's like my dick a pri- like no who asked like i'll do. Because i think men think you're just gonna go straight for it and i don't be like kind of like they don't how to. I don't know how to have long. I i feel like they do that when it comes like eating the but they'll like do a little thing but like dick sucking. That's no no. I thought it was a part of the as a look. He advocate dick. Well if you're if you're dealing with a girl like me it's like come suck my fucking dick or something like aggressive like then but you have a rapport with the person i right. Maybe i don't think men. Maybe i'd have a sexual rapport with a woman. Should that was absolutely not they up on my vibe like i go full into like metal dainty like.

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