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Quick break. We'll do the news shack right after this break. We're protests pockets. She stuff joe by gene. The news with gene grad check. Do you work with the creative team. Like i mean getting fred. Lynn took off bill. Simmons is a masterpiece. It's a stroke but it also seems like you have a team behind. Well i remember talking about it. With sal and what we should do and everything and sal to the moment that you just replayed there when i kicked him out one hundred percent sure. And that's why his dollar diabolical plan can always come back and bite him like a snake because he said until the instant fredland showed up and mentioned bill simmons. He thought there was an outside chance. It might be dwight. Gooden his ma from the metropolitans is what. Maybe maybe he'll see dwight gooden and a couple of weeks nice reunion for salad his favorite metropolitan all right. Sorry gina. we do have a bit of breaking news new york attorney general. Latisha james just announced that governor andrew cuomo did in fact sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law and this just in since the show started. Biden has now called on cuomo to resign. The investigation specifically found that cuomo quote sexually harassed current and former new york state employees by engaging an unwelcoming nonconsensual touching and making numerous offensive comments of a suggestive sexual nature that created a hostile work environment for women. Investigators also found evidence that cuomo in his senior staff took actions to retaliate against at least one accuser. I pulled this honey of a clip from this was back in march when he gives us big long speech and said Kind of wish kyle was here You know. I commend all women for going forward and my lawyers told me not to get out in front of this that i'm a lawyer too but i'm going to do it anyway. And here's what he had to say about the accusations. But this is what. I want you to know. And i want you to know this from me directly. I never touched anyone inappropriately. I never touched anyone inappropriate. I never knew at the time that i was making anyone feel uncomfortable. I never knew. At the time. I was making anyone feel uncomfortable and i certainly never ever meant to offend anyone or hurt anyone or cause anyone any pain. That is the last thing i would ever want to do. So now the president is calling for him to resign. Well this the tough part because if this shit happens the trump he goes bitch. Had a comment paid her off or whatever when your platform is all women need to be heard and all voices need to rise up and it is not okay and even touch on the shoulder if that is your entire world than when someone accuses you of it. You're in this fucked up place where you have to go. All women need to be well. Most women almost almost all women except for these nine need to be listened to and it is never okay except for on rare occasion in the governor's office in czar world where you're sort of. It's like the tobacco industry. We need you to spend fifteen million dollars a year showing diseased lungs on the side of your product. Who's paying for this. Oh you put our businesses selling cigarettes. I know but we need a warning saying this will kill you tonight. you got who's paying for the packaging. You is simultaneously. Make a speech that all women need to be believed and i mean is it. Yeah it's a weird position to be in so we'll see what happens with the smell and baby so right there. You guys have been doing the show since this came out. He actually. this is legitimate to. You're going to be a big deal when you walk out of here. You'll find out. He and his team put together a video on saying on taj side. I think i saw what is it. It's him saying i. It's not that i do that to do that to everybody. And it's a montage of him creep really kissing and groping all manner of human being defense. I just do. I wasn't creep with with young women with everybody is not strategy. Everybody but it's also so like weirdly indicative of the time we're living in because i'm no cuomo fan but that doesn't seem to be a lot of meat on the bone here. There's a lot of. I didn't i i. He made me felt this way. He put his hand on my shoulder. A kiss me on the forehead. I mean you know this is stuff that would work right now but in any other time in history if you went back and tried to. Oh let's let's see if we can get Bill clinton out of there because he kissed someone on forehead or he went to a wedding and call them. Bella chow chow or something. It'd people will be looking at your confused. That's not a real thing but it's an interesting time we're living in. Which is the whole nursing home scandal thing. That has some meat on the bone. There's some stuff there and people may have died because he sent them pre many may of cook the books and the numbers and stuff. That's a that's an allegation where we have a bunch of dead people. This is a bunch of people being stroked on the hair and he's like out the nursing home. Thanks so we can look the other way on that one but not this one this kind of an al capone on tax evasion thing..

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