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Look so gorgeous out to the one percenters you know what i'm talking about By right there. i guess have to route one percenters you know what i'm talking about what percent is people to you guys they connected to the common man one percenters are didn't mitt romney say corporations or people to or something shoutout a i got to play cyprus point a couple of times ask if you've been there oh yeah special shout out to the one percent of you know what i'm talking about mercer talking about as one myself tell you what it's like here yeah i would i looked down the rest of you i think many things i've many thoughts matters this mostly joy for myself amazing too good steve kerr went on the t._k. podcast shout onto nica for engineering the tiki live cast for life yeah and she sent us a really sweet text the other day she's a sweetheart love to nick and she's good worker man she's a hard worker so steve kerr went on the technique engineered t._k. podcast and he talked about what happened after they lost the finals the main emotion just devastation of kevin and play i have zero regrets about the series about the way our guys played competed just an incredible display competitive fire i was so amazed by our guys in the way they kept fighting through every bit of adversity and there's no regrets from any of the basketball stuff but to go down with year long injuries it's unprecedented there's no wins over happened before two players of that stature in the finals and back to back games still seems crazy yeah so he's right i mean that's the takeaways the clay durant insanity is one of the things that you'll will look back on years from now to bunny joel there we were in the building watching clay go down and then come back out right in the place went bananas and then go back off again you know depressed i've never seen that look on buying jobs face given the feeling like you'd never wanna be like dayton bonnie jail and make her mad because across me the look she had interface after the after the loss was i better leave her alone yeah better lever waving to i saw exit hey hey and she was like don't look at me growled everyone she goes i'm not happy i'm happy to see you right now johnson don't talk to murray much to nico's stan i can talk to me here's kerr on but this is to me the biggest news of a mall forget where durant's going run atas might be back volley about the situation by call them to tell him that they asked permission and that we would grant it and i don't know can spoken with them yet i don't know what his final answer would be i don't even know what they would be offering might feeling as that run will wanna come back and and we want him back so we'll we'll see how it all shakes out day i'd see when i heard about this picture the story the anecdote that forget which reporter had it was in strauss or marcus or laterna or slater somebody but that he was at an oakland or berkeley treachery a- and and they ordered a bottle of pinot yeah and and adams tasted it and said to the server with respect this tastes nothing like pena how great is that we're on listen to me that to me is like an oakland berkeley kind of atoms vibe he can do it also in san francisco it's very nor cal marquel as not for you ron it's just not an want him to be tasting pinos in the bay ran on the country is successful in forty l._a. they'd be like we have lacroix for you on top everything else steve kerr knows you gotta have the right guys in place they can sit down and discuss this like gentlemen mecom you sit here and drink my lax like gentlemen wron kerr you know gentlemen no work it out the one percenters paulie can i go shut us down one percenters you know what i'm talking about that's an incredible sound by who knows people to oh damn it all men wow you got it's like you can't say thing on this show and murph and mac digression right now and just m coming after some friends here coming after some friends men who drink lacroix in a way can be men who drink lacrosse has a hand in the air they're looking at one point i have one this morning i like running to help me out here to raspberry it's tough to tough look for me i it's tough look i went to go buy some coaches we're at the little league game and i was going to the snack bar 'cause we were watching the another game i think i want anything seeds liquorice lacroix they both ordered lime lacroix's now co brand or your flavor i'm not surprised that they even have a figure no valley snack bars they're like i'll just have a pellegrino that was supposed to play up to the one percents note i'm talking about yes don't worry about it you can't let alone one percenters are people to call putting like raspberry lacroix what's the they taste good okay disagree ever saw was a guy said lakori tastes like i'm drinking flavourless soda water and a guy in another room shouts out the name of a flavor if that's a great line from me that was no i saw it on twitter yeah that's where i saw it was from a me line that men who drink cry so i can't drink sparkling water now look you do it every life drinking soda but i'm trying to watch my figure told you it was a controversial take i knew it'd be angering some people i knew i'd be stepping on toes i'm i'm insulting one of my best coaching friends in the world right now he's a hollywood thing though whenever you're onset somewhere what either they have mcroy ginger ale on the braga i'm ginger ale guy i get my calories in ginger dyke canada dry trust me i've been doing it for year where can you find a diet canada dry everywhere no what do you want me to prove this never seen i think they got them in our circle k. everywhere reuse the reason the reason you go to die kennedy dry mommy one i'm in now i'm going to tell you why because i'll be all my dentist shot up dr matthew young this guy he told me years ago he goes you know the problem is you keep getting these cavities he goes what are you doing and i'm like well i actually don't eat that many sweets truthfully and he goes what you must be doing something he goes what do you do drink a lot of sugary juice and i said no but i drink canada dry like every day and he goes well you gotta go to die because there's no sugar in that i go done done so i've been on diet ever say the problem probably drink these diet sodas it's filled with that aspartame and it's gonna to cause of course agents you know what i mean shout out to dom the unexpected enter just walked in diet and you know what i made not only the unveiling day off natalie's the unpaid by dug into his pocket to buy me one we're going to do right on the you're going up the ranks right now we're up the ranks right in front of the mic so we had them yeah try that by the way i'm going to be honest drinking diet canada dry is not that different than drinking a lacroix all right listen up listen okay there we go that sound good i know if you're looking for sugary sweetness you might not get it here while it's nice told the rule about the one percent or common into having the unpaid intern dom by the giant kansas giada dom to one percent have you ever noticed that really really wish people at the cheapest people around yeah yeah your woods y'all stay rich in credit they stay rich you get free stuff with the more money you how people compounds make sense really doesn't make any sense of one percent is you know what i'm talking about murph you pass a thumbs up on the on the candidates read diet style five five nine says your waistline looks like he could lose usual croix about that are we talking to no they're angry out there here's steve kerr on well yeah they they'll always let their assistants poke around i will never ever deny anybody permission to speak with systems i don't understand that if somebody comes along with an offer the one of my assistants wants to take then i'm gonna let him go why would i keep them from going after something that they believe in they would rather be somewhere else i'm not gonna stop them from going i've never turned anybody down when they've called ask about permission to talk to our guys pretty interesting deal paulie we i always go back to my favorite analogy don draper and peggy olson a madman when you you know hire somebody make their career floors and all of a sudden off they go wait a minute we got in yeah are you man enough that if you were running a shop and somebody came for your guy you'd let them go or you deny i like to think i'd do the steve kerr on this like if somebody tries to poach medium impact brian it would i can't tell you the pain who would cause me it would cut me deep but at the same time i'd be happy for the kid and i want the kid to have a good life so i got i got this i was steve if he buys you a diet canada dry and you approve now and you've got a good chance you don't even know they existed approve the my only problem finding one not to here and it's every seven eleven yesterday i couldn't find one who go to any given safeway united markets okay no caffeine right no caffeine either and the sugar is not this is a game changer i told you straight up game changer for years again my only now going to be on alert you've now changed my life in two ways nice one gumy's three ways the you don't carry enough cash in your wallet murph carey more cash help i'm just being honest and you're right yeah and to a couple of bucks dry the caffeine free way tastier than lacroix's rank or dennis unless you don't have to say the words lacroix sets generally sanela qualm I also don't sleep on a on a candidate drive with a little Jamie in it. Oh, yeah. That sounds good. Jamie straight with ice nights version. Right. If it's an afternoon, perhaps a warm after your summer, maybe Jamie ginger ale. We're talking here. We don't have to. We don't have to me about this. Listen to mix drink bourbon, I don't even know they drink scotch. Well, they drink like eighteen year old age, Johnny Tommy and Peyton were Jenkin dia candidate drives, at cypress point. Uh-huh. scotch you should have an open seventeen year please actually to brady and payton down at cypress point copes shout them out one percenters are people to shout out to be one percent of what i'm talking about this that's tough okay more kerr on the other side has got some great stuff really good curse stuff stick around how do these this diet canada dry going with our san jose earthquake doughnuts shot to the quake's the twenty thousand nine summer of soccer this friday at aviva stadium the women's world cup quarter-final matching u._s._a. in france they're going to air it at noon they're expecting a five hundred or more people to be seventy five degrees come on down friday at noon and then go down to stanford stadium saturday for the california classical earthquakes and galaxy expecting fifty thousand down there and fireworks two and military members are free in their families and they put they gave us donuts to get that plug in and they got it so classic on saturday at stanford women's watch party friday at noon and thanks for the donuts guests there you go paul von joe which got traffic is sponsored by s._f. moma don't miss the first andy warhol retrospective in decades now on view at s._f. moma the riveting expedition covers forty years and his career and three floors of the museum as moma open until nine pm every thursday and saturday this summer it your tickets at f. moment dot org a chicken the roads from chilton auto body traffic desk in castro valley eastbound five eighty near redwood road a collision blocks the right two lanes that's why traffic is backing up towards two thirty eight also if you're on the peninsula northbound one zero one year woodside a collision just cleared out there freeway pretty much stacked up though from marsh northbound one alon trying to get to the peninsula right there at fair oaks stalled cement mixer in the third lane from the left bumper to bumper from the eighty eight eighty interchange it's also a slow ride on northbound eighty-five and pockets from eighty seven up to two thirty seven in the middle of all that near deanza ereck on the shoulder highway thirty.

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