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News Update. Over 350,000 have died in the U. S. From the coronavirus. The new death toll comes is American start getting the Fizer and Moderna covert vaccines. Johns Hopkins University researchers say there have been over 20 million covert 19 cases in the U. S. Worldwide. There have been over 84 million cases and 1.8 million deaths. Investigators say the Nashville bomber mailed packages to friends espousing his views before the Christmas Day blast the Tennessee and reports the FBI is studying the materials, the report says. Packages from Anthony Warner were mailed to several acquaintances around the country. Special agent Jason Pack says items in the package is espouses few points. Warner blew himself up inside an RV full of explosives. Early Christmas morning near and a TNT switching hub over 40 buildings in downtown Nashville were damaged. While mobile and Internet systems in five states were also affected. The rich got richer in 2020 Cameron Fairchild reports. The 500 wealthiest people added an estimated $1.8 trillion to their personal fortune. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Those in the top five each hold more than $100 billion. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is now worth $190 billion. Tesla's Elon Musk have the greatest jump in wealth toe $170 billion. The first meteor shower of 2021 is taking place this weekend. NASA calls the quad rant IDs one of the best annual meteor showers, although it is short compared to others. Peak activity, usually about six hours for 29. And this year it wraps up tonight. Wikileaks publisher Julian Massage finds out whether extradition is in his future. Today, a judge in England will determine whether to act on a request from the United States for assigned to be extradited to the US where he is accused of espionage. The case states back several years when Assan just Wikileaks published secret U. S military documents. He was already tried in England and will stay behind bars there should he not be sent to the United States. I'm Lisa Taylor. Republican senators are lining up against Wednesday certification of electoral votes affirming Joe Biden's victory. Matt Matt Johnson with more Texas Senator Ted Cruz is leading a group of 11 who released a joint statement demanding a 10 Day audit of votes by an electoral commission. A group of House conservatives also plan to challenge the results on January 6th Universal Orlando is seeing an increase in attendance. Parks. Twitter account has images showing this weekend's crowds. The park is operating at 35% capacity and requires visitors to use the mask and observe distancing undercurrent. Coben 19 restrictions. The grow NYC Emergency Fresh Fruit boxes program is surpassing the one million mark beating New Yorkers since the pandemic began. Kate McKenzie is the director of the mayor's Office of Food policy, and she discussed how vital the initiative has been people who.

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