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There is a kind of guess. You would say like a fifteen year itch. There's a lot of empress who don't make it for very long because they're not capable or they don't ever secure power then there's a group that make it but only naked into like their fifteen year or thereabouts. And then there's another burst of kind of assassinations right around that period where people basically got tired of the person and they get antsy and they realize maybe they're never going to the emperor this first sticks around and so there's a whole nother batch of people who get killed right around the fifteen year period and then once you get past that window. You're there for people are they're just willing to be stuck with you. Have a few emperors who go thirty four sierras but domitian dies in the beginning of the sixteenth year. That he's in power. It's three days after he celebrates the beginning of that year. And when you look at his career what you see this is a figure who was basically playing the long game who was young when you took power and was rebuilding rome in a way that was sustainable but making decisions that in the short term didn't look particularly good but had long term benefits and this greatly frustrated certain people some examples of kea giving example. Because my my vague center domitian was like proto secret police creep elements of that too. I mean he also as you get to your fiftieth year. You're sick of some of the behavior people. But i mean as frontier policy in its financial policy to go examples of this so his frontier policy along the northern frontier was not to conquer more territory beyond the ryan danube river instead what he did was he. He diminished the power anybody along those frontiers to threaten rome and then he built a sequence of alliances and got permission to traverse other people's territory so that he could defend rome against these people if these people got rowdy but he had no interest in taking that territory because he didn't feel it was in the best interest of rome to expand so instead what he did was he created a frontier system to opponents in the senate into later historians writing about this. This is seen as cowardice. Rome had the power to conquer these people. Why didn't they do it But we're domitian understood. Was it was better to build a system that had all in these parts that checked one another than to take responsibility for managing all this craziness on the other side of the frontier pay for the infrastructure would take the conquer it in his financial policy. Something similar where you had from the reign of nero on a curative of gradual depreciation of the silver currency and decreasing the size of the gold currency..

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