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He dominated did not allow a guy who's tremendous at taking it to the bat do that. He completely shut the guy out there and again he uses left hand to set the table for right hands all night long, all night long the way you're supposed to do a boxing one O one. You know, and he was, will I make a concession in his analysis that I'm giving? That there will be people out there that will say he susceptible he being obviously Strickland that he susceptible to being out hustled to be in our work by some guys if he doesn't get a little bit more busy sometimes in his game. Yeah, I'll make that yes. I'll go along with that. I'll go along with that. But that's where control range and being a sharpshooter like he showed he was, comes in, that if you control range, you can counter. And if you've got a guy wants to be real busy and out hustle you and you can count on what clean shots, you take some of that game away from the guy. You take some of that away from the guy. And again, yeah. Could he be a little busy as sometimes. Yeah, I think there's a built in reason, and you touched on and I tell you again, I would I just went with the spontaneously. There's part of it with the coach as I heard you talk about again. Otherwise I wasn't bringing this up. And I think that that answers a little bit towards him being busier. That he wasn't as busy as someone. And he didn't need to be. He didn't need to be. Did what he had to do. And also, another another part is I heard one of the commentators. They do a great job. One of them said that somebody referred to Strickland as a savage. And I would say, yeah, a smart savage. Yeah. A smart calm, savage. Yeah, Sean Strickland, they do call him a savage sometimes and he comes across. He says some wild things at times, but I'll tell you, I met him at, I met him in the hotel, the night before. It was the New York City marathon coincided with a UFC event and we were all staying in the same hotel and I was talking to Matt and ray Longo couldn't be nicer guys completely complimentary, big fans of you in the show and Sean Strickland came over said the same thing. He couldn't have been nicer, said he was a big fan of the show, said he loved teddy Atlas. He's a nice guy. And the other thing I'll say about Eric is, I feel like Eric is a bit like you in the sense that if you told me a teddy's training this guy or Eric's training, this guy, in my mind, that fighter already passed a few personality tests where I'm like, I know that teddy and I know guys like Eric, they don't align or affiliate with people who aren't good people. So right away, I think, okay, Sean is like Shaun's got a lot of good things going for him. I know he says some things that are out there sometimes and I almost wonder if he's saying it for shock value to be more savage than he is. But from everything I've heard about him in the training room, he comes in into the training room every day to fight. No training, fighting every day. So I think when you had one thing, I had one thing to those are those comments those thoughts and kudos towards him positive things to him and Strickland grandmothers would have loved him. Yeah. They would have loved them. Especially at a dinner table because he doesn't waste a damn thing. He doesn't. He does a waste one freaking thing. He don't leave any spinach on a plate. He takes everything off the bone. He I mean, he doesn't throw unless he's going to land. Yeah, basically all he thinks is going to land. You know, there's no real waste or throwaway punches. You know? And he is conservative and, you know, he's he's not going to burn up energy wise too quickly because his demeanor is so calm. Yeah. His approach is so. It is so exact. Yeah. He's not looking to waste anything. So and he's very, as I like to say, he's very and his equality. Everyone thinks the quality is to punches and kicks. But he's very calm in an uncommon. I like him. I agree. Congratulations to Sean Strickland. I like that the end there. You saw something at the very end there last 20 seconds, maybe where the Strickland tried to goad Hermanson into opening up, but it was all cerebral was all smart. It was a smart savage because he was just trying to get him to get reckless. To come at him to drop because he couldn't catch him the way he was fighting because he wasn't leaving himself available. So he wanted him to not leave he wanted him to leave himself available by region by looking for something big so he could drop a more possibly score, you know, slow and icon. And that was interesting. I was watching it. He was gone. Come on, you know, you know, trying to get him to come at him. But of course Hermanson probably understood for what it was. For sure. Mutual respect by the two warriors at the end too, Ken. Yeah. Nice. Yeah, for sure. That was great. And let's jump into some boxing now. We haven't had much to talk about, and I'm glad to see there was some good action this weekend. Can I mention one thing before we close that up? Just and literally it'll take like ten seconds. Maximum and soriano on the early part of that UFC card. You know, I'm sure there's some fans out there that want to hear a little something. Maximoff, again, that is anything scintillating happening in that fight. But maximoff was the boss with the inside position. I talk about the geography. He understood that pretty well he got it. He was the boys with the inside position, controlled them when he had to control them. And I liked the way kind of reminded me a little bit of a fighter where boxer where he led these really short shots on the inside. Like he used his left hand or the right hand, whichever one, pop, pop..

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