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A major bank but in the evenings sometimes he goes out to deliver I wasn't puzzles so how does the system work for him so it's all based on this app you signed up to that and then use the app to sign up to particular shifts of work usually two to four hour shifts the coal blocks and those blocks will offer to pay you at a fixed amount of money I think the minimum for four hours is forty four pounds fifty about sixty dollars and with facts booking you go to the I was in debt pony you you got assigned a whole load apostles and the roots and then you go off and deliver them Sir a few days ago Max had a three and a half hour block of work to do in the evening after work so I went along with him and we start off driving over to the desk phone and joining a long queue of calls of other animals and flexes as they call themselves and we got this big cage of ours and parcels and Matt's put in in in his boots I'm always back seats of his call and and then we drove off okay so we've just exited the death pro you've been busy standing in only apostle said how many calls as we could be delivery sorry we've got fifty seven for tonight the first ones to eighteen miles away from the desk so thirty seven also you got it off I was yeah I've worked at forty eight that gives you five point six minutes per apostle how's that sound that's quite all star greatly I'm supposed to be on when to offense knowing our I can I can probably average about fifteen hours a reduction of quite a bit of time left so you do the sums that five or six minutes but also he was happy with that to the I mean how do you do did you actually get a mold eleven because will to live within the time he's done this before so he kind of knows how much time it takes to deliver apostles I'm not particular it wasn't too bad apparently one of the massive variations in the job is how good.

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