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They're six yard short. Of a first down. Will they go for it? Yeah. It looks like it. This state doesn't have their defense out there. Trying to get lined up going to have a forty two yard field goal try. They're going for it. Force. It has Volta was left. Snapback winds up throws caught for a first down at the sixteen yard line. Riley lease makes the catch Justin lane on the coverage. Now, the Spartans really have to dig in Wildcats, the Spartan sixteen eight twenty left. Northwestern has a twenty two to nineteen lead. Clayton Thorson as usual in the shotgun to his left balls at the left hash Sparta's protecting the south end zone to our right hand off to vault. Running left to right. Oh, tried to get outside and around the corner shoved out about nice play by Joe bocci. Andrew Dow was right there the set the edge, but peaked on the inside the louts. Out. Outside at the twelve. Would have been a no gain their second and six. At.

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