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Uh you know the way metal shoot the ball now is better paul george and and and kd that's a good match up i just think it's an intriguing match i think it's i do i think they're gonna win right now no i mean i'd be foolish issa but as they get better and and and they get more secure and who they are start sacrifice more as we get closer to the fire to the to the playoffs of the you'll see a different team i man has been funding and how he ain't i'm your up here thank you proud of in appreciate it all right mike miller and we'll can't shows on espn radio presented by progressive insurance with more than thirty unique coverage options available progressive no small business learn more progressive commercial dot com straight ahead mel coverage dropped his first mocked draft the browns have the number one choice but is it really a choice of they back themselves into corner as we'll cain show and he has been right on the espn up if you or anything like me the minute you are team is out of contention the minute you realize your team is no longer competing for super bowl or in my case your team the dallas cowboys is not going to the playoffs i start playing with mock drafts i start reading mocked drass and i will spin time i will do fifty three fans speak mark draft figuring out who the dallas cowboys will get it number nineteen between now and may i will do surely one week probably multiple is the will you on espn radio in the s p an app so in that vein malcolm harbour he's launched off draft season he is launched his first mocked draft of the year here's what mel has going he adds going number one to the cleveland brand cleveland browns josh alan quarterback out a wyoming little bit surprised by the way most people are thing has got to be rosen or donald even the rosen does wanna go to cleveland so number two with the new york giants pick he does have josh rosen from ucla quarterback number three bradley chugged wounded in annapolis cold defensive inside north carolina state number four cleveland browns on the clock again running back sakilan barkley looking for that is zeke you'll elliott type will pick for the browns and fifth the denver broncos.

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