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D I t com slash emerged. AIDS. Let's go to Jo Conway in the traffic center, Michael Kind of busy now on the Maryland Bellway first up in Montgomery County. The longstanding crashed on the inner loop was after 3 55 before Connecticut Avenue on the left side, causing a slowdown. The begins around old Georgetown Road as you continue east on 4 95 heading toward college Park just beyond the exit for I 95 in a back up, they could extends toward Just after Route One College park report of a possible crash there yet no lane's given on that, and you're gonna delay on the adult up to look at it on the outlook near or beyond, four route 50 heading toward 4 50. There is a crash their mental state highways telling us it is blocking the left thing You're getting by to the right. Elsewhere in Maryland, I to 70 stop and often on DeLay's about leading route 80 toward the truck scale south of 19 and hi it's town, 50 still jammed up from that least baby. I'll drive to and across the bay Bridge over to the queen and shoreline in heavy volume. Westbound delays on 50 begin after four of four and carry you most of the way toward the bay. Through Kent Narrows and Kent Island over toward the Maryland shoreline, and Randall County delays should start to ease up once you get past route to in Arnold and the seven River Bridge. On the Virginia trip. 95 South bound very heavy and slow out of doing too much of the way toward the AKA Quinn that often on slow heading southward. Quantico. More delay south bound, leaving Stafford toward the Center for Parkway and the Rappahannock River North and Delays leave Thornburg most of the way toward the center for Parkway. After that, your improved health by north and running, EZ Pass lanes were brought to buy Audible. Unlimited audio streaming is yours with audible plus enjoy thousands of select audible originals, audiobooks,.

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