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Um and those patients are referred to us traditionally or mostly by their optometrist you're off the maalla just when they have to deliver that bad news that unfortunately there isn't a treatment to bring back the vision that's lost and so when a patient is faced with that they may be referred for lowvision rehabilitation and low vision rehabilitation is the process of rehabilitation offered to someone who has vision loss that's not restore of all and so we use things to maximize the remaining vision many people with eyedisease who experienced vision loss we'll still have some remaining vision and so we try and find that remaining vision and amplify it similar to losing your hearing you get a he during a in lowvision you lose vision and you get a low vision aid and those aids can include magna fires stronger than the storebought magna fires that someone may have experienced and said i'll those don't work for me um they may include telescopes assistive technology end that field is just growing and growing we help our patience explore ipad and kindle options and electronic magna fires with larger screens and portable screens and using their iphone and really just a comprehensive service in that regard looking at the remaining vision and figuring it out what devices and tools are out there that allow a person to do some of the things that they might be struggling with before coming for lowvision rehabilitation i know that you do a um you are team does that lowvision examination in know for people that might not be aware of how that works can you talk about the low vision exam i sure can so a low vision exam um.

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