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This is your life. This is we are this you will become at the end of the day. And after all is said and done you can call yourself. A man glad to be doing. Another ask me anything always excited. You ama. To beautiful thing. Right. Yeah. It is. That's like the highlight of my week. Let's pretty sad with each. These are great conversations that I know. That's true. So it's it's good good. Really good. Good. Well, let's get to a man. We'll just jump right into it today. Guys, if you're tuning in for the very first time, and it's likely that you are because Kipp, I don't know. I don't think I told you this, but the exponential growth that we've seen inside of this podcast over the past three four five weeks has just been incredible. So I know there's a lot of new guys tuning in for the first time. And this might be the very first episode that they're tuning in for. And I'm sorry that they have to hear you on the very first episode of. Or it could be possible that all they know about is the a, and they don't even know about the other shows because this is the most popular one now, maybe, and they might think that I'm your co host as opposed to you being mine. I don't know there could be all sorts of confusion here. Do you want to read the first question? Maybe. We have a good time guys. Anyway, glad you're tuning in. If you don't know what this is all about on that on that note, we are fielding questions from our Facebook group from our patriotic count, which is patriotic dot.

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