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The whole city is fixed which always seems a shame because these scoped is a really detailed and they put a lot of work into making them right because they made from woods and paper Mash A and painted a lot of money they spend a Ford you hundreds and hundreds of thousands of euros on them and sometimes you can be walk past one of these workshops Mr for my two and you can poke your head in at any point during the year that painted and constructed incredibly detailed beautiful sculptures which they then bid for the Kremlin at the end. That's one aspect the other aspect is that on every every afternoon at two o'clock in the Central Valencia. They'll have a mass letter letter H. Just a daytime fireworks show which is focused on noise rather than than the fireworks so it just this incredible wisdom noise and you could feel your heart pumping chest and happen once again. But I don't think I've ever experienced such deafening noise before I didn't even know that kind of level of noise was possible into fireworks displays. Lots of different places but this is on another level so so loud you know you feel like a GonNa explode people you know that there's about one hundred twenty eight hundred thousand people every day for about three weeks to talk Assembly square which is of course one of the reasons why we didn't do this year which is a shame but hopefully next a deputy something. Everyone should experience bias. I've tried to explain to some of my guess. I'd say imagine the biggest fireworks show for the fourth of July or for New Year's Eve Times it by ten imagine imagine not happening fifteen times a day for the be pretty close to what bias is. It's an amazing extinction. Credit for it gets super busy. I think I was there three years ago. I I assume there is incredible. I mean I would say be prepared to be very very overwhelmed with crowds of people. It's difficult to navigate your way around the city 'cause they closed a Lotta streets barricades along the pavements in crossover streets very easily you're going to go up and down looking for a crossing point. I mean I've met with some friends to try and meet them at the bar and it took me. I could see them from where I was standing. But it took me about an hour to actually get to them because of the crowds and the barriers. So I think that's important to take into account and basically if you don't loud noise and big crowds forgetting also be prepared to put on about fifteen those ads about sleep because on a single street corner. They'll be chewed understands that his brother Statins for yellowstone bright publications and pretty much. Everything d tried. Since you know all the worst kind of food that can find a fun fair in the states or in England. Time's up by ten. And that's every street corner just before we finished just to tell us how people when this quarantines whatever and anyone interested in at during one of y'all streets. Valencia toes Anyone who's coming Valencia. Anytime indicate up. I'm how can they get in touch the streets of Valencia Dot Com and have a look at some of the photos to are they could also contact me? There's also streets of BLINDSTER DOT COM and on instagram. If you just want to follow me and see some nice pictures from Valencia. It's streets of Valencia tour. At Street's Valencia tour at St Vitor for our listeners will put links to all of this information in the show notes of this episode of you to Click on. Do you go and check out also talk for. I think talked fantastic. Love the use of light and shadows. Paul thanks so much for taking the time to join in Spain podcast today. My pleasure my pleasure..

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