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I mean, he had one sixteen Virginia. That's a journey in itself. All right. You've have Michigan state with the injuries and dealing with the injuries caches Winstons evolution Kenny goings from walk onto to hero. That's a journey. You've got the fighting crispier DHS and his journey. Just his journeys is good as any and whole idea playing with a chip and the highs podge of guys putting together. And then you've got Bruce Pearl's dirty who like no one's had a crazy journey then Bruce Pearl now they got a group of players in the team there were under Kurdish really the only heavily recruited guy in that to the two. Early recruited guys. Teamwork Austin Wylie then pure fli the other guys would just dudes. But like, you think about what operas men through with junk Pearson with this guy at Penn I mean, and they just you know, what am Bruce Pearl show 'cause from show 'cause to FBI to the final. I mean, like, it's unbelievable. He navigates drama like Shoka. No problem. The at the job. Oh, by the way that shot bears. No problem the guy patent, boom. No problem. Oh, by the way, we're in for. It's unbelie this crisis thing is chunk person. Gonna find a full Ray. He might he navigates it like nobody in the history of college basketball. If you really break it down just a do. I. What do I investigation here? We won't come in and talk to you. Bruce wants you to come in and talk to your boss talking nine, and okay, he gets a. Oh, yeah. And it just let's go. Let's go. Let's be Kentucky. Amazing be Kansas. He's he he might be the lavar ball of college. Basically just Will's team that things happening throws out there in the in the how about someone on April Fools thing. Had lamelo ball going to is that the mellow going to develop over. I gotta be. That's gotta be. That's gotta be good for better for lamelo ball Villanova. That'd be it for this. I guess elite eight edition of world's greatest podcasts courts. I agree Merck adak shin. Be sure to check out the hoop collective with Brian widowers podcast as we draw closer to the NBA who season member. Subscribe at courtside wherever you get your shows and rate and review us in apple pocket. Just give us a five. Don't think we hate your team..

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