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Change it simply by painting your front or Purple. You want a better career. Purple helps at unique better health. Purple helps that two more friends and recognition purple once again. There's really only one exception with purple and that is a north west facing front door You I still think it's a great color But you know if you really really want to change things for yourself. I think that purple is a great color. No matter what door direction you have so give it a shot when you want to change opportunities and brings something new to your life. Breathe new life into your life. You know maybe you need that. Cpr You know. Just that opportunity chest compression as it were now. Let's talk about the wealth of love because purple can help you gain a better love life. It is Absolutely no better place to put purple work with the magic a romance Purple Colors in South West corner of your home or your bedroom or your office will boost your romance energy. If you are a single will purple is the color for you. The thing about purple is it's intriguing. It's not just the PLANO flashy red and it's not fade to the background black. I don't care what anybody says about. The little black dress needs to go the little back of the closet because if you're a single particularly if you're single woman and you're looking for a single guy This is or I think really. If you're looking for anyone a love interest. It doesn't matter what gender you're looking for a how you're how how your orientation is. I think really don't want to hide right. You WanNa come out you want to be seen and caller gets you recognize it gets you seen. We don't want to be in the background. The more you were out and visible and and able to be seen the more someone's GonNa find you the easier. It is for love to find you so gets purple going. You know I think Putting a if you have a romance maybe put your wedding or honeymoon pictures in purple frames to keep you cozy for a long time. Lavender sheets can help with some romantic energy. And also give you some very interesting dreams? I don't know about you but I have a very active in vivid dream life. I look and really ruminate and think about my dreams I I observe them. The give me a lot of signals and cues them my life so Lavender sheets are a great way to enhance your your dream life. If if you're like me and you like that I love them so You want some more attention in the bedroom. Hey how about some purple underwear and speaking of Purple Things lavender. What could be more beautiful and wonderful than lavender? It's purple and it's fabulous you know. Put some lavender essential oil on your betting for relaxing romantic. Interludes as you can see. Purple is a wonderful colour. You might wonder how you ever live without it. So let's talk about three quick tips. Here we go for purple tip number one. Purple is the color of both wealth and success. Remember that wealth accumulation of assets. Success is the power to to buy.

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