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Some of them in that time period around when trump team members are being spied on did you pay for someone to spy on your preferred presidential candidate with your tax dollars I thought still road kind of interesting that steel sampler and helpers hammer seem to know each other it could have crossed paths in the New York field office don't worry Joe the FBI story here is that the dossier had nothing to do with them starting the case remember now he said they didn't get the dossier until September and they started the case in July right remember yeah because they said we got this tip about George Papadopoulos from the Australian government dossier had nothing to do with it follow the timeline yeah July thirty first FBI opens the case against trump FBI swears on record it wasn't because of the dossier we didn't get that until September that's after July it's fascinating because Lisa page an FBI lawyer when questioned on the record up on Capitol Hill she said that the New York field office had this information in the dossier when July twenty eighth one for I thought they said they got in September it had nothing to do with them over the case why would they say that because they don't like you believe they used the pee pee tape to investigate a presidential candidate that's why except shockingly two guys who worked in the New York field office handling the two main sources in the case C. internal these two sources that are giving information to the office they used to work in but three days before they open the case of the sea but don't worry nobody talked nobody was all up in New York we don't know anything about a DC making matters even worse and I'll wrap this up not the boggle your mind with spike itself they should just to be crystal clear here both helpers Himmler and steals handler worked together in the New York office that got the dossier or portions of the July twenty eight despite the FBI swearing Tuesday we didn't get until September because they want you to believe they open the because of this Papadopoulos K. that is clearly one hundred percent garbage I wanna know what's so much who prepared the FISA document who left out the exculpatory information I want to know what he was telling geda was he telling him Hey Mike I remember my guy helper but Mike okay yeah but I mean we worked and we had a guy yeah I don't know yeah we got some information that's bad for trump if his great game all my gosh I got information to know Mike I steal yes steal yeah I think we sent something New York let's do that maybe a photograph of the CBO but it is happen seems kind of coincidental now of course making matters worse it always gets worse after they opened up a case on George Papadopoulos Carter page and Paul Manafort the FBI August tenth member they open up the general case July thirty first a month later in August they opened specific cases on those three page Papadopoulos Amanda for August tenth all of a sudden somebody who's got a grudge against Mike Flynn must have been like you're not open up a case on Mike Flynn you know that guy the guy who knows a lot of dirt about the intelligence committee I think we need a case about him we do we do well who shows up August eleventh yes so much guy however the day after they don't open the case on Flynn and magically Joe he has information about Flynn once it's resolved Hey fellas yeah I got this guy I don't know what happened he's coincidently knows all these people might wanna try maybe you should talk to and what happened just a few days later on August sixteenth they open up a case against Mike went to based on nothing at all but rumor innuendo in PP PP stuff it's a PPO I can't say that enough I know it's gross but it just that's what the dossier once paid prostitutes to urinate on a bed if you know anything about Donald Trump is germaphobe yet you would have laughed this story out of the newspapers and they want but you don't you just fell into the TDS level six area do your own embarrassment by the way eternal embarrassment not not out we laugh at you to this day we had history trust me even liberal history at some point will have to laugh at you they will they'll be like you fell for the P. P. stuff oh my gosh what a moron by the way the chapter on so my my book is a lot more detail walks through the whole thing you're gonna be like wait how did we not know this guy now does it make sense why they may be hiding this guy Hey did you bring a helper in on August tenth on August eleventh are you talking to gala well you have a helper as Gator was handling steel is steel and help were you the conduit that helper right some information the dossier did you help him get information in the Steele dossier kind of.

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