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Humans. Is in 2024. But we know from my experience that space is hard Bill Nelson that 2024 date was set during the Trump Administration. America is listening to box. No, tell you away I local news authorities are investigating an 18 wheeler that was allegedly filled with illegal immigrants that was discovered on the East side. San Antonio Police Lieutenant Jesse Salameh says the truck was pulled over at the Flying J Travel Center on I 10 and Foster Road Night before last passer by Call the police after noticing some suspicious activity, maybe some people in the back of the big rig when officers approached the truck around 80 to 100. Immigrants that were inside the truck started fleeing. Officials say 29 of them stayed at the gas station are being taken to federal processing center. The driver of the rig is now facing federal alien smuggling charges. Eric Griffin said little during his first appearance yesterday in San Antonio federal court If found guilty, he faces 10 years in prison, according to court papers. The 49 year old trucker admitted to Homeland security agents and he was paid to bring the packed trailer from Laredo to a San Antonio gas station where they bailed out. So far 41 of the illegal immigrants have been captured. The state of Texas is set to carry out its first execution of the year later this month. Charity McCurdy has details on May 1942 year old Quentin Felipe A. Jones of Fort Worth is scheduled to be Executed and Huntsville for the 1999 drug fueled baseball bat murder of his 83 year old great aunt. He struck her numerous times over the head and took property from her home. Jones, a sense expressed remorse and the victim's relatives are urging the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and Governor Abbott to grant clemency and commuted sentence to life imprisonment. Jones is execution would be the first of five set for this year is the state is down to 17 doses amid a lethal drug shortage. Charity McCurdy news radio 1200 w O a yacht get the latest news any time anywhere. Just tell your voice activated. Smart device to play NewsRadio, 1200 w.

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