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Most rather than fans you and Greg talked a lot about your mount Rushmore of wrestling. I won't even go into Greg's delusional views. He says, but lately I've been thinking about something a little more niche. Who is on the, he'll mount Rushmore. He then writes a lot. It's a pretty long Email, but he skip ahead for me. The first three names came quickly flair piper and triple h three era. Defining heels who when at their peak had zero redeeming qualities, I wanted nothing more than to see each what they deserve. But the fourth name is harder thought about classic. Jake, the snake teddy Biaz Nikolai Volkov and I thought Nikolai Volkov yet your mind, and then all right p. r. I p. icon. I love you, but no stop. And I thought about more recent event, heels grandeur Nej, but be honest, the only name that feels right is the MS. I'm going to skip ahead here and just say, stay made Mike. Great question. Mike, I hate to be this guy and pull a Greg year. Okay. Greg, who did you pull out? Luther says, who was the name? You randomly pulled out. Done with great pulled out Harley, race got anyways. I was gonna complain my memory. Do you ever have periods where your memories terrible, or is there something wrong with me? No, it's not just you. It's it's I can cop to that as well. I, it's been like two weeks though. I don't. I'm not getting enough sleep. I feel physically fine and large, but I just let continually like coming up with names and stuff. It's all just been really hard last couple of weeks driving nuts who you thinking of and who's the guy. Oh, I know I'm thinking of. I just couldn't remember the fact that I said Luther has not Harley raise. Oh yeah, we forgive you. That's. Who I'm thinking of to be very Greg. Like in this though, I because of how mainstream this person was and how known they were to be back. Let me get everything where you're going to say gorgeous George, aren't you that that's exactly right. Greg, I'm going to say gorgeous George. And these are right, you'd be right. He definitely deserves to be up there. He defined a heel for so many future yields that. I think you have to keep gorgeous George there besides that. Love flair. Love piper. Listen, triple h, they're good choice to. Yeah, I feel like AAA better choice than flair at piper, to be honest better than flair. Yeah. Where flare literally made money for every territory in the country. Getting beat up by their baby face or or or sneaking by their babies give. But while flowers wear while flow was doing flair was the guy that people like loved to hate. So like there was that element to his heal them to like. Even after a while, like, you know, flare just became beloved. And even though he was playing the, he'll he was just like this beloved dude, but like triple h had the hate from the character standpoint and the personal standpoint. Like nuclear on both sides. I don't agree though. Greg. It's so much later that flair started getting loved nine. I wouldn't say like as early as when he went back to w. w w w ninety two. He was like that's late. He's great. That's that's sixteen years. Active seven. That's a long time. Well, you know what? It feels it feels early because I was was seven, eight years old and didn't stop. He didn't just he's still trying to go. It's not my fault. No, listen. So I..

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