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Look carefully at the three sometimes when you're trying to decide if a person can benefit from thyroid now even when we look at t three that is not a perfect arbiter of whether person is likely to respond well to thyroid supplementation because the only thing that's gonna tell if a person's going to respond well to thyroid supplementation is a a trial of safe low dose thyroid replacement okay and that's going to determine that so we are you suffering from weight gain lethargy morning fatigue even though you'll have been tampered you tend to be on the cold side when you go into airconditioning yes i'm underway i had lost of allied away due to being in my stomach man i'm underway now i'm five five hundred and seven pound so you your cut a ill ryan a feeling well and there is something called the tea three deficiency that associated with just not feeling well let me people we see it all the time in the intensive care unit in people who were super sick so clearly you're not that sick but just people were little sick eat impairs conversion from deported three now the fact that you're underweight you about fifteen percent of hypothyroid patients are underway so just being underweight dozen rule out hypothyroidism but you know that much about you i don't know if that's the primary reason for you not feeling well it could be part of the problem or could not at all be related to the you you could have digestive problems of which ramified a walk lanes of traffic within your system could affect your metabolism your mood on create inflammation this really is very central 210 wellbeing right right i had allied stomach issues h pylori mmhmm well that per se is not a problem because all they tend to try to eradicate it when they fight it but that's incorrect because the vast majority of the world's population has h pylori and they don't have ulcers and they don't have gastritis and they don't have stomach cancer so did you have a treated did you take press pack i don't i don't take it if i on if another that's a good policy because they don't believe in on him well.

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