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Calls. Four one five eight zero eight fifty six hundred good morning to you Brian Sussman here. So Donald Trump finished up finished, his speech. And what are the things he said regarding declaring a national emergency. Actually, he said a bunch of step is some of the things that stuck out to me. You know, we're fighting wall. We're fighting wars six thousand miles away. We're fighting wars six thousand miles away to help secure other country's borders. Think about that. We're putting life and limb on the line to secure other country's borders where we've got a border problem of her own. And then something he did he had all of these people in the front row. And I wondered what the posters were as they were assembled assembling. To sit down. They all had posters of of people. Will these people were husbands and wives and children had been killed murdered by illegal aliens in this country? And he recognized many of them had had some of them stand up. But he did say that this is an invasion, we've got people bringing in drugs and human traffickers against I don't know how the left can deny that. That's that's just absolute truth. Everybody knows this Joshua checks in from Sacramento. Joshua. Thanks for calling and you're on the air. Hello, my brothers. How you doing? We're doing. Well, what's on your mind and relationship to the speech? Absolutely, great speech. I'm a very small right down the big blue out here. And I'm driving down the road. Take my daughter's to school actually, just drop them off and on talking to my five year old in the backseat on the way to take her to daycare and talking about the law and how important wall sorry, how everyone has walls around their homes ever driving down the road. And there's this huge twelve foot wall, separating the road from the neighborhood, and employees. No, I look at my daughter. I say you see that wall. That wall. Protect. The traffic on the kids in the neighborhood in those homes. Border hair chat. Just. Yep. It makes so much sense. But you know, the left is so dug in on this. They don't make any sense. And yet people listen to what they're saying and nod their head up and down Joshua. You know, it's complete political evil. It really is important as men's group out here in Sacramento, and you know, they just had a prayer breakfast. With a couple of senators and one of them was Senator coons, and you know, the guys are mentioned in how not to get, you know, religious here. But their you know, mentioning you use you know, the name of Jesus Christ. You know, God will listen. Well, it's one thing to use the name of Jesus in believe it, but another a wolf and sheep's clothing. Sheep's clothing. We have a lot of situations where people are just so quick to to to be all goo goo Gaga over the emperor's. Clothes would affect the emperor's naked. And I'm talking about the leaders of the democrat party here. I I don't know how long they can continue this. Josh. Well, listen, buddy. We've got to get off traffic.

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