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So you could write 6 28 143 my fam. It's Valentine the morning. It's playing piano at the house again yesterday, and it wasn't singing. I haven't got back to that part yet. Is that part of me? Singing was God awful, but I play piano. Leilani goes Where do you Where do you get your like musical ideas. Like why? You know I get the songs that I'm covering, like all of me, John legend stuff like that. Get off YouTube or whatever it is. Send it to me. I want to try to him Look a right. Ah, I've never seen my wife ever try and play musical instruments so excited about this cool so you'll watch videos from the Internet. That'll sort of teach you how to play the song. Sure, they tell you what the chords are. The notes are stuff like that's very simple in that respect. I mean, then you have to play it everything, but I mean, if you if you start to learn, like other piano and Collins one suppose we played it. You take a C major in F major. You could make those sound like songs. I mean, there's certain chords that you could just play. And how you play them and where you play them on the keyboard stuff, you'll be amazed. It starts to sound like you had a song. There is just too cordial, plainer. Our Yeah, It's pretty amazing. I have a ton of piano books at my parents house that we learned with. Oh, really? Yes, you guys should take because its songs you recognise, you know, alibis and nursery rhymes and things, But once you complete it and you can play a full song in such a great feeling is really basic, really easy. That's my problem. I just keep moving on from song to song the song he's learning Eleanor Rigby, which I played a little bit of yesterday, which is pretty easy. But I just go from selling the songs. They get bored. That's see. That's 2028. Edie coming out. Of course. Valerie, Do you have my mom? What's going on over there? What's happening? She's not answering. She's Sheila. She's get it together. Sheila. He's the answer tomorrow talking about Wow, I know, but this is the best segment so I'm going to sell Alicia Keys, but we still but Sheila, you know We still have Alicia Keys. If we have to cover with that we use Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys, by the way is coming up around 8 20. We'll get my mom for women. I know. We'll get my mom on the phone. We're trying to get around right after this break for our segment of mourning.

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