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Like at least one of us gets to experience that you know. That's awesome real crazy tonight. I had a new appreciation for tom moment. Now that man looked at you and then call you like wow. I expect him to be so So kind and gracious. Because he doesn't have to be at the top of his game people's fluent for him all the time and he's like above and beyond so nice and i like it it's because he also some artists they feel you know i'm so and so so i don't really need to go out of my way to be nice to this person there. They should feel honored to be around me. But he's like totally. I need to go out of my way to make sure this woman knows. She did a great job. And i appreciate her. And that's why we love harry's sales and that's why he's on our wall. We have on our wall hairstyles. It's my therapists. So it's you know we have about this. How about this when he does go back on tour eventually. I'm assuming he's gonna tour this album or something. Oh i have try to coordinate away like for us to go to the show together and like something's out guys come to come to you either new york or so. I had tickets to the to the fine line tour before got cancelled and got postponed. So all the dates just got rescheduled. So right now. I have like five days of just fan girl. Pop madness in october october seconds. John's brothers show october. Fourth is harry styles at msg and then. October fifth is another brother show in new jersey. I'm going to all of canzoni. Only at the harry styles. One possibly jonas both down for new york harry styles harry styles. Msg tober four back and they like. No that's happening. Yeah i mean. I i would assume so only because they rescheduled dates. And as of right. Now if i go into my ticketmaster app still says the tickets could go. And they're like they're having as of right now. I think so like they had the msg totally full almost totally full now. For like the knicks games. And things like that so i think like come october. We should be good. Put it on the calendar. October fourth. Okay so it's over. Yes okay becca. That really fun. Yeah it could be really fun. We would love that we would have to finagle. I could try to finagle some sort of situation. I don't really know. I could definitely done it before the pandemic but now it's like everything's so backed up and you know what i mean. I don't know you got this. You got this. don't wear much. i'm not asking for much. We don't you know just just throwing it out there. You can do anything do anything you put your mind to you Thank you so much for joining us. We love you guys. We appreciate you guys so much and we're so happy that you finally made it on the show everybody checkout scrubbing in with becca and tanya and you know let everyone know what else you got going on. Both of you are always much so anything. I'm deal you can find on. Instagram am totally in mostly. Just listened to our. That's what we really want. Yeah same podcast and you can find me at on your ad. I'm posting whatever i'm doing there. It's usually one off things but One thing here and we need to get you guys on scrubbing. Yes love to. We will have to forgive me for three years holly brand. it's man. well no. We're so excited. Because i do think that our fans like love you guys too. So i think they're gonna all going to be really excited that we're finally doing this Because the the pool of girls. It's just i think are our fans want everybody to like do stuff together. I think are the most excited when we have other. Women like female podcasts on our show. They're like we love. Both of these shows were so happy that you guys are doing this together. So we're so happy that you guys are here and hopefully we get to hang in person again soon. La we can do 'em per cent. Yeah gas absolutely thank you guys walk kober fourth. Yeah we got room for you guys from right right. Thank you guys so much for by by all right. That wraps up. Today's episode of chicks in the office. We hope you guys have a fantastic weekend enjoy that warm weather summer is finally here and just a reminder. If you're watching on youtube hit that subscribe and we really appreciate all the people who are subscribing. And if you're listening on apple or spotify wherever you to podcasts..

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