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And we have a new issue in seattle right now this is going to be on the westbound i ninety ramp to southbound i five were crashes block here left lane at this point where drivers looking slow off and on as you're making your way from mercer island to i five processing really heavy slowing right now on westbound five twenty as you're coming off the water to i five but still using west five twenty that's going to be a faster drive by about ten minutes are other blocking problem is a crash in everett this is heading westbound on the boeing freeway at evergreen and that's causing delays from i five southbound i five with off and on slowing from lynnwood through shoreline and busy again from northgate to five twenty are express lanes are looking really jammed right now from five twenty three downtown seattle meanwhile north and i five still finding slowing at a federal way to state route five sixteen and then slow all along boeing field toward the convention center also seeing scattered slowing on north five in tacoma between highway sixteen and the dome for hitting the brakes off and on northbound one six seven between highway eighteen in five sixteen then bunched up again from one hundred and eighty eight to four zero five northbound four or five with off and on slowing through renton into newcastle and then southbound four or five you're really filled in this morning you're hitting those breaks as you're pulling away from i five and you're hitting them off and on all the way through kirkland our next coach forget eight twenty four a partly sunny day high in the mid seventies for today overnight low about sixteen we'll be partly sunny tomorrow too but throw in a chance of a few scattered showers again they're seventy five and then we're going to clear out in warm up high of eighty on wednesday sunshine near eighty five on thursday a hot day used to the cascades it's already seventy five degrees in walla walla and the clouds have thickened up here in seattle it's sixty one degrees stay connected stay informed komo news sponsored by mercedes benz of seattle it's eight sixteen the komo morning news for your monday frank lenzi is at.

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