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There's lots of you know, just awesome things happening earn your earn Chicago. But I will say this in won't admit this. Maybe they will. I think some coaches I going out west because there's fewer distractions not they don't want to win games in front of their fans. But how do they? I think it's all bad if you wind up out west, and you get to focus in on you and your team and not a bunch of hoopla. I mean, that's just me. I'm saying you don't even nine a distraction. If you end up out west not having to play organ. Because that that she too. But let's not forget what have the last year to be good now to bring up bad things for the Oregon ducks fan. But Notre Dame went out there and left the west coast on their way to the final four after beating Oregon. But can I ask you a question though? So with it possibly coming down to whoever wins, the ACC I'm going to go on a limb as I'm sure most of us will say it will come down to you between Louisville Notre Dame winning the ACC tournament. But don't you think that just provides even more of the parody that we've talked about, you know, throughout the course of this year so far with having that question of you know, what it looks like now is gearing not guaranteed. I think in the past what we've seen from looking at the polls we've kind of been able to stay spot on with what it will look like win selection Monday comes. But I think the way that they've balanced it right now actually just adds to that -ffected. We have really no idea what's really going to happen and women's basketball now. And I think I. Oh, yeah. I like it. I like it, you know. But we still got, you know, make some guests is trying to get the opinion out there. But I agree. It's been fun. Because who wants to have all the answers, not me. I mean, I think I do. But yeah, definitely don't have all the answers. So we'll keep our eyes on the ACC. That's the day from the reveal. But for now, let's move into our second quarter because we have some very special guests reading here from. Second quarter inside the huddle. All right basketball fan. So I have to tell you that I'm already like way too excited for my next two guests, I don't even know how to describe our relationship, but we're definitely all family. They're two of my favorite people. They probably know more about me in my, you know, my weird personality on my whatever been most people because he spent so much time together. But please welcome to this show ESPN analyst and former national championship head coach a Purdue, Carolyn peck. Hey. We we gotta get to you. You want your own go ahead. Good to be with you, China, a you'll get her own love. Okay. Now for my next guest. And I'm just telling you all right now, I'm shocked even have her on the podcast because she keeps them pretty low profile. I do think she's a little bit of a creeper on social media. I can't find her anywhere. But I think she does at least, you know, look every once in a while, please join me in welcoming ESPN play by play in the first woman play by play announcer, a football, and they should broadcasting. Pam ward. Hey, I'm only doing this. Because I thought we were talking only about your personal life..

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