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Yet the just in gore inglorious bastards but for slavery yossi causing lorries bastions can i sang anyway a point as i'm i'm a big fan um uh at it in this vein uh over the weekend i saw some people discussing how aliens is actually one of the great vietnam war movies and this actually strikes me as perfectly right it's about a bunch of grunts in a terrible a jungle like setting filled with heat and humidity and smoke and you know a an awful a uncuttable unstoppable monster that they're going up against uh the the the only solution was to duke of yeah got a new confirm orbit let's dehumanizing and they collaring it it was 1980 sex again the great great one of the great years of film of filmmaking and it came out at the same time as platoon sonja yahya houches interesting jpl my favorite war movie of all time is actually dunkirk the of okay yes under preeminently tel aviv at movie of all i give eight right now so i when i you know i don't love war movies as a genre in my my fever ones tend not to be the big slowly or big patten type 2 like cold war movies i really like cold war movies he has not a lot of shooting tinker taylor soldiers by which is neither a warmovie nor movie it's a bbc mini series starting alec guinness good i was i was i was what regular to say the movie which i did understand at all may would now there's no way to understand over because they're condensing two yachts stuff in the truth is the bbc production.

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