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Next the grounding of the Max planes isn't gonna slow things down airlines are adding eight hundred eighty four more flights this year than last year and some eighty eight thousand seats per day so there is more capacity not only than last year but more additional capacity than we see new passengers since the planes will be slightly more full compared to last year middle seats airlines will fly individual plans more often than in the past holiday seasons the city of Palo alto could take the next step in its efforts to stop teens from vaping is considering fines for using E. CIGS in public health when mark Tanaka tells KNX he's been talking to many students in the city professional fund is really actually from device because since I attach Oct with which said lucky you tried banning it but it's really not doing anything because it's it's so excessive all right now we have to do is we have to connect it from a kind of a cool thing not a big deal have a thing to or even press the accepted to something which makes a lot tougher to doctor says city council staff is still looking at how the fines might be enforced and how much they would be but this would likely involve students while also working with local schools this is a fine could also bring parental awareness to the growing problem officials in Jersey sitting Sadie kosher grocery store in the center of the deadly shoot outs was intentionally targeted New Jersey investigators have not confirmed a motive for the deadly attack at a Jewish market in Jersey city but mayor Steve Philip calls it a hate crime there's no question was attack on the Jewish community there's no other way to interpret it.

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